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2020 Tel Aviv University Expert Forum: Wireless and Cellphone Radiation and Public Policy

Apr 2, 2020


Welcome Message by Dr. Paul Ben Ishai (Ariel University) & Prof. Alon Tal (TAU)

Devra Davis PhD, MPH 5G, Wireless Radiation and Health: A Scientific and Policy Update

Prof. Alon Tal Is Israeli Cellphone Regulation Enough? Is It Working?

Dr. Daniel Mishori, Public space, experts, ethics and policy making

Prof. Stelian Gerberg, (HUJI): Ways to better control and limit the exposure to RF radiation

Dr. Yael Stein (HUJI): 5G, Documented EHS, Health Effects of EMF

Prof. Yuri Feldman, (HUJI): The absorption and emission of sub-THz radiation by human Skin

Dr. Gadi Lissak Adverse physiological and psychological effects of screen time on children and adolescents

Dr. Rony Seger (Weizmann Institute):Cell-signaling in response to radio-frequency electromagnetic field

Theodora Scarato How Do Governments Address the Health Issues Posed by Cell Phones Wi-Fi and 5G?

Marc Arazi: International Phonegate scandal: All overexposed, all deceived, all endangered by our mobile phones

Edward Meyers: Legal challenges around 5G deployment in the United States

Ronald Melnick PhD: National Toxicology Program’s Studies on Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation


Prof. Eli Richter (HUJI), Or Nativ (HUJI), Michael Peleg (Technion) and Mora Deitch:Radio Frequency radiation related cancer – assessing causation in the occupational/military setting

Wireless (MW/RF) radiation harms without heating: How we know, and implications

Paul Ben-Ishai (Ariel University): Preliminary Report on Ambient Field Exposures

Amir Borenstein: RF SAFETY SURVEYS – Measurement techniques and pitfalls

Alasdair Philips (Powerwatch): Separating the Hype from Reality in the 5G Story

Closing Statement