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5G Installation Prohibited by Mayor of Potenza Picena Italy

Mar 1, 2020


ITALY: Noemi Tartabini, Mayor of Potenza Picena Italy prohibits the installation of 5G: Over 150 Cities/Towns have Passed Actions to Halt 5G

From Picchio News: “The Mayor of Potenza Picena Noemi Tartabini  has issued an ordinance in which “prohibits anyone from testing or installing 5G on the territory of the Municipality of Potenza Picena pending the new classification of carcinogenesis announced by the International Agency of Research on Cancer, applying the precautionary principle sanctioned by the European Union , taking as reference the most up-to-date scientific data, independent of links with the industry and already available on the effects of radio frequencies, extremely dangerous for human health “.

The measure, as already underlined, applies the precautionary principle pending further scientific investigations on the impact of the new technology on public health.

In fact, 5G is based on microwaves and radio frequencies higher than the previous technological standards, also called “millimeter waves”, which involve two main applications: greater energy transferred to the means in which the radio frequencies are absorbed (in particular human tissues) and less penetration in solid structures, for which there is the need for a greater number of repeaters, with the same power, to guarantee the service. In addition, the 5G radio frequencies are completely unexplored, lacking any preliminary study on the assessment of the health risk and for the ecosystem, so much so that the European Commission itself has stated that “5G leaves open the possibility of biological consequences”. (From Picchio News)

Over 150 Cities in Italy have passed ordinances to halt 5G. Read more here