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Internship and Volunteer Opportunities


Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

The Environmental Health Trust (EHT) is a dynamic scientific organization. EHT’s mission is to perform high-level scientific research on environmental health hazards and to work directly with local communities and policy makers in raising awareness and sharing science-based information to promote a healthier environment.

Environmental Health Trust has a select number of internships available.

Undergraduate and graduate internships: We are looking for motivated self-directed students who are passionate about environmental health. If you are pursuing an undergraduate/graduate degree in outreach and health promotion, wellness, public health, or a related discipline, you are in for a great learning experience working with globally recognized experts in public health, toxicology and computer modeling.

Interested in volunteering? Bring us your skills! Environmental Health Trust is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help. Please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

We accept interns for each of the following areas: 1) EHT General Internship, 2) Research Assistant Internship, 3) Public Relations Internship, 4) Creative Media Internship and 5) High School project Internship.  Our home base is in Jackson, Wyoming and we also have offices in Washington, DC; many of our interns work remotely through regular bi-weekly meetings.

Interns will be mentored by a seasoned PhD and Masters level clinician by regular weekly meetings and communications. Interns will also gain invaluable hands-on learning by being a part of an active non-profit organization. Our internships provide exposure and experiences in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Health Wellness Promotion
  • Environmental Health and Cancer Prevention
  • Human Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
  • Facilitation and implementation of health education/promotion activities
  • Public Policy and Public Education
  • Cross-media cross-generational interactive educational tools

Internship opportunities for Environmental Health Trust

EHT General Intern  

The Environmental Health Trust is looking for a bright, motivated, conscientious intern. If you are pursuing an undergraduate/graduate degree in biology, environmental health, public health or a related discipline, you are in for a great learning experience.


The EHT student projects could include: developing a public awareness campaign; assisting staff on education and outreach to targeted communities; fundraising research; and assisting with research and planning for new projects. In addition, the General Intern will help with daily work at the non-profit office. This position is designed for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in public health, environmental studies, public or non-profit administration, public policy, communication/journalism or health sciences.

Research Assistant Intern  

You will learn the latest science about radiation emissions from cell phones and from other technology, how that relates to health. This internship provides exposure to scientific research related to environmental health, cancer prevention and biochemistry. The EHT intern will work as a research assistant for scientific research to be published in peer-reviewed journals and analyses posted on science blogs and websites.

The internship will involve identifying important new findings, updating our scientific database and website and developing clear ways of exhibiting findings through the creation of tables, graphs and presentation slides.   

The Intern should have excellent writing skills, familiarity and mastery of AP Style and scientific citations, a proactive nature, attention to detail and an avid interest in health and science. Interns are expected to be highly motivated, organized, self-directed and open to feedback. Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years science coursework at the college level and general experiences with science writing.

Public Relations Intern

Public Relations Intern wanted for dynamic innovative non-profit carrying out cutting-edge multimedia research and demonstration projects on technology and public health. Would you like to gain invaluable experience learning how to write pitches and press releases in the field of environmental health? Do you know how to navigate social media and want to promote healthy habits?

The Intern will learn a variety of communication and PR skills, including interacting with health organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Indian Pediatric Association, the American Public Health Association, creating press releases, e-newsletter writing and follow up. In addition, the Intern will assist with letter writing, editing and developing materials for outreach that will be shared through social media.


Excellent professional communication skills are essential. Interns are expected to be highly motivated, organized, self-directed and open to feedback. The Intern should have stellar writing and telephone communication skills, familiarity and mastery of AP Style, a proactive nature, ability to work effectively in a team and remotely, attention to detail and an avid interest in health and science. The Intern should be well-organized and be familiar with spreadsheets.

Creative Media Internship  

Would you like to work on a short video or create graphics? We are looking for an intern to collaborate on creative multimedia and creative content to raise awareness in a positive and fun way. The internship is designed for a student who has great ideas, editing and graphic design skills and a passion for healthy living. Interns are expected to be highly motivated, organized, self-directed and open to feedback.  


EHT accepts high school students on a limited basis. Are you passionate about learning more about this issue and want to share with your peers both the science and how to aim to practice safe technology? Please consider an internship with EHT where you can design and complete either an awareness project or science communications project. Some students createsocial media videos and others help us as high school research students.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted for fall, spring and summer internships. We also accept applications year-round. We also ask serious volunteers to answer a questionnaire.

Please submit via Email with the internship position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.   

  • résumé
  • cover letter
  • completed questionnaire (download PDF here)
  • writing sample (and creative work samples for Creative Media Intern application)

Please Email your information to

No phone calls, please.

So thankful for your interest.