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Alison Main on the hazards of electromagnetic fields and wireless tech

May 8, 2017

The Hazards of Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Tech
Radio interview with Alison Main on the hazards of electromagnetic fields and wireless technology

“Connections” radio interviewed writer/journalist and Phi Beta Kappa top honors Notre Dame graduate, Alison Main about the possible health effects of wireless radiation.

Listen to the broadcast that aired Friday April 28, 2017

Alison Main is a freelance writer and creative director for Environmental Health Trust. With almost two decades of experience in art direction, corporate branding, and advertising, Alison creates strategic and integrated multi-platform campaigns to affect change, evoke emotion, and inspire action. As a freelance journalist, Alison’s focus is on environmental health and illness, wireless radiation, EMF safety, chemical safety, and technology addiction. She has a BA in English and Economics from the University of Notre Dame, and a Certification in Graphic & Digital Design from Parsons School of Design. Her own health journey began several years ago when she became electro-hypersensitive and chemically sensitive. Alison’s work with EHT blends expressive intention with scientific research and educational authority to raise public awareness for environmental health concerns.