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Breasts Getting the Attention they Deserve

Jul 4, 2013


On June 15th, 2013 the world was paying attention to breasts, cell phones and the potential link to breast cancer.  At the 42nd Annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards, reporter John Fowler and producer Sharon Navratil from KTVU Channel 2 in the Bay Area won the Specialty Assignment Report Emmy for their news pieces “Bra Phone and Fake Alzheimer’s”.

The “Bra Phone” special report featured some of EHT’s very own, Dr. Lisa Bailey and Dr. John West who warned against keeping cell phones directly on the body and the potential link to breast cancer.  Today many women tuck their cell phones into their brassieres or strapless dresses when going out for the simplicity of a) not worrying about losing a purse, b) convenience and c) easily noticing new text messages or calls even though cell phone manufacturers state not to carry cell phones directly next to the body in the fine print warnings.  This special report focused on two women who believe their breast cancer was caused from keeping their cell phones in their brassieres for years.  Both women’s tumors were in the exact location they kept their cell phones.  Dr. West believes that more of these types of breast cancer cases will occur if women are not informed of the dangers of keeping their cell phones directly in their brassieres.

So ladies, as the summer continues and you keep wearing your entire collection of lovely, flowing dresses to try to get some sort of relief from the heat, EHT urges you to please use a purse.  Not only can you accessorize your outfit but you will also be protecting your breasts from unnecessary exposure to cell phone radiation that could potenitaly lead to breast cancer.


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