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Cancer, Cell Towers and 5G: Eileen O’Connor of Radiation Research Trust

May 9, 2020



Cancer, Cell Towers and 5G

Eileen O’Connor of Radiation ResearchTrust


Eileen’s Story

In 2001, a cell tower went up near Eileen O’Connor’s home in Wishaw, UK. Soon afterward, 38-year-old Eileen developed breast cancer. She quickly learned that not only she but many of her neighbors were in treatment for cancers — five women with breast cancer plus three with pre-cancer cervical cells. Three other neighbors were struggling with various other cancers, not to mention the rashes, lumps, electrosensitivity, sleep problems, headaches, dizziness, and low immune system problems reported by other villagers in her little hamlet outside Glasgow, Scotland.

It was a years-long battle to get the cell tower taken down but Eileen didn’t stop there. She took her story to several city councils, founded three charitable organizations to defend families and protect them against radiation exposure, and collected mounds of scientific research.

Eileen’s organization, EM-Radiation Research Trust, has since propelled the topic of wireless radiation to international status, and placed Eileen in front of power brokers in Westminster, Brussels, and Luxembourg, where the EU Commission resides, as well as Russia and Norway.

Now Eileen shares with EHT  the telecom industry’s attempts to dilute the science, steps needed to protect the next generation, and the daunting elephant in the room — a global shrug at the relationship between RF and the massive rise in the number of cancer cases around the world.

Eileen O’Connor

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