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A Cell Tower is Proposed Near My Home and Child’s School: I Need Scientific Resources on Health and Safety

Jan 7, 2018


Question: I am very concerned about a cell tower that has been proposed near my home and child’s school. What can I do? Where can I get resources? 

EHT is often asked for information about cell towers near homes and schools and we have several relevant webpages with resources. Communities can effectively organize for more responsible cell tower placement and to halt towers near their homes and schools.

Please see this video made for a School District who inquired into the risks associated with RF radiation from cell towers.

Residential areas, schools and parks should be considered sensitive areas and RF exposure should be limited as much as possible. 

Please see a presentation to the Hempfield School District. 

Read the peer reviewed and published research on cell towers and cell tower radiation that has reported serious health effects.

Learn about the health effects of cell tower radiation and research studies on cell tower radiation

Learn about the effects of cell tower radiation on birds, bees and wildlife.

Read about a study that found cell towers are linked to damage in human blood that predicts cancer.

Learn about why FCC limits do not protect the public.

Learn about 5G and watch videos with scientific presentations on 5G

Learn about occupational health and safety issues, the high accident and death  rate of cell tower workers.

Learn about how cell tower companies do not give safety assurances to their shareholders and even warn that they may lose money in lawsuits related to the RF radiation.

Learn about research that shows property values decrease when a cell tower is near a home.

Read what the American Academy of Pediatrics states about cell towers

Read a scientific factsheet about cellular antennas placed near homes and 5G.

Read letters from doctors and experts about small cell antennas near homes.

Read a PDF compilation of Doctors letters on cell towers near schools.

Learn about links between cellular radiation and ADHD and Autism. 

Read a letter from a PTA about a cell tower proposed on their elementary school

Learn about about firefighters opposed to cell towers on their stations and watch videos of them testifying against cell towers due to the radiation health risks.

Fire Hazards of Cell Towers

How To Get A 1500 Cell Tower Setback in Your Town

Read a Harvard Press Book on Telecom Industry Influence To The US FCC – Captured Agency by Norm Alster

Read Reports and White Papers of Insurance Industry that compare cell phone radiation to asbestos

Read how most insurance companies exclude damage from electromagnetic fields

Youtube Playlist on Scientific Lectures on 5G

Communities Trying to Stop Cell Towers Near Their Homes and Schools, Testimony against Small Cells Near Homes

Factsheet on 5G and Health: What You Need to Know 

Click on the links to see these recent Environmental Health Trust scientific presentations

8/10/2017 Presentation to Mexico Telecom Authority on Out of Date Guidelines for Cell Towers

8/2017 Presentation on the International Agency for the Research on Cancer and Radiofrequency Radiation with International Experts

6/6/2017 Presentation to North Carolina Governor on Wireless Facilities (Mini Cell Towers)  in Rights of Way

1/2017 Israel Institute for Advanced Study at Hebrew University, Expert Forum on Wireless and Health, organized in coordination with the and the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

If you are trying to halt a cell tower near your home.

  1. Connect in your community with other citizens and ensure neighbors are aware and educated. Start a group, make a website to voice community concerns.
  2. Get all documents related to the tower, the lease, the plans, the monetary agreement. In the United States you can file public information requests to get this information as well as emails to and from elected officials so there is full transparency in regards to the process by which the tower is proposed.
  3. Ensure your local press is covering community concerns, call them up and tell them to cover citizen opposition.
  4. Contact all your elected officials and communicate your concerns to them. They are accountable to you.
  5. Write local officials involved in this process with all your questions and ensure your questions are answered- share this information with the community. 
  6. Ensure transparency in the process, and call for accountability, due diligence and safety for your community.