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China – Policy Recommendations on Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health

May 13, 2019


RF Public Exposure Limit Lower than ICNIRP


  • RF 12 V/m 900 MHz RFR V/m electric field limit. The standard also cites the precautionary principle and encourages facility and equipment owners to take effective measures to reduce public exposure.


ELF Regulations to Reduce Human Exposure

500 kV power lines are not allowed over buildings, buildings are removed within 5 m of outer conductors. last update 2/12/10 information on new development supplied by delegation from State Grid Corporation of China.

Digital Devices Limited in Schools

  • National education authorities have issued a proposal to prevent teachers from using the popular WeChat or QQ messaging apps for assigning homework.
  • The education ministry also called for only paper homework assignments for primary and middle school students “in principle.”

Shandong province: Cell Phones banned in primary and middle schools due to increasing myopia among children.

“Primary and middle school students in Shandong province will not be allowed to use cellphones or tablets in classrooms starting from Nov 1, according to a new regulation.” Asia One “China bans mobile phones in classrooms” October 10, 2018

Zhejiang province: Drafting regulations to ban teachers from assigning homework on mobile apps as part of an effort to save students’ eyesight.

  • According to 2019 news reports the Zhejiang regulation would limit the use of electronic devices to 30 percent of total teaching time and instead encourage homework to be completed by hand on paper.
  • The regulation would bar primary- and middle-school students from bringing electronic devices into classrooms without permission, restrict the amount of homework assigned and increase the time for breaks, sports, and extra-curricular activities.
  • It also says no written homework at all should be assigned to children in the first two years of school
  • Read The Telegraph (March 2019) “Chinese province bans app-based homework to save students’ eyesight”