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Colombia’s Leading Newspaper on Cell Phone Radiation Dangers for Health, as reported to their National Academy of Medicine

Jul 8, 2014


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‘The cell must be taken away from the body’: Devra Davis

U.S. warns epidemiologist on the effects of mobile phones on health.


Before his lecture, Devra Davis, one of the experts in preventing most recognized cancer worldwide baby holding a toy in his hands. It is a scratch on the gums that half has a rectangular space that fits perfect iPhone.

“Why do you need a baby a rattle which can take your phone?What we are reaching extreme and how we are exposing our children, “he asks.

Davis is one of the scientists that has investigated the radiation from cell phones and its effect on health. He holds a doctorate in science from the University of Chicago and post-doctorate in epidemiology at Johns Hopkins. He currently teaches at the Institute of Cancer at the University of Pittsburgh (USA)..

In his recent book Disconnect, recognized by Time magazine as one of the best publications, provides scientific evidence on the effects of cell phone radiation on brain cells.

For example, he argues that people who use cell for more than 30 minutes a day, on average, for 10 years, having a double or higher brain cancer risk.

He also argues that children and youth are the most affected, because the waves are absorbed more telecommunication during brain development. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques saw how in children 5 to 10 years the absorption is deeper than in adults.

Studies conducted by the School of Environmental Affairs at the University of Bloomington (USA.) And the University of Campinas (Brazil) have compiled research linking low-frequency radiation with oxidative damage to cells, published in the journal Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science.

“We have no definitive evidence of risk in relation to death, as we have with the snuff, but we must do something to prevent from and to society,” he says.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, for its acronym in English) classified electromagnetic radiation from cell phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on an increase of glioblastoma (malignant type of brain cancer).

However, other studies such as the Institute of Epidemiology in Copenhagen in the same year, which included 350 000 people over 30 years who included mobile users and others who had never had access to cell phones, concluded that there connection exists between radiation and certain cancers, as published in the British Medical Journal.

Speaking to TIME, the researcher explains how the telecommunications industry is currently facing this controversy and how the key is not to stop using cell but remove them from the body. “Distance is your friend,” he emphasizes.

Are they harmful or not cellular health?

There is no conclusive scientific evidence that they are or not.But I have worked for over 35 years in research. We hope too to act against snuff, asbestos, repair of hormone therapy.

They lingered long after that rats or dogs to smoke to prove that the snuff did produce lung cancer, even though it was known since the nineteenth century it was a cause.

Today, most of the world is using mobile phones, especially children, and there are no standards for use. So my position is that although we have no definitive evidence of risk in relation to mortality statistics, as we have with snuff, start safe.

Our civilization has matured and become more sophisticated, to stop insisting that the dead are the only evidence that should exist.

But then, in relation to the cell, what evidence is there?

In the case of cells do have evidence of danger. Every study ever done, well designed, with groups of people who have used cell phones frequently during the last 10 years or more, and have compared it to people who have not done so have found that there is a double risk or glioblastoma getting higher, even if the use has been moderate: only half an hour a day on average for a decade. It is common, which consume most people today.

We also have evidence in cultured cells. If you tap the neuronal cells of an immature brain, really are very sensitive to this type of radiation; if jacks mature lymphocytes, which are older cells do not respond in the same way.

Specifically, how does the radiation from cell to cell in the body?

We must be clear: ionizing radiation directly damages the DNA nucleotipos keeping together, because it breaks these links.Although the radiation from cell does not do this that way, it does cause damage because it interferes with the resonance cell and weakens the membranes, disrupting the regulation of cells.

What diseases of cellular radiation is related?

It has been found that men who used cell phones for 2 to 4 hours a day are 30 percent fewer sperm than those who do not use them. It has been shown to increase brain cancer; Also, a tumor in the ear area known as acoustic neuroma, and further relates to a rare tumor in the cheek known as parotid tumor. In Israel, one in five cases of this disease occurs in people less than 20 years.

Why this age?, What is the population most affected by radiation from mobile phones?

The developing brain absorbs more radiation than is ripe. Studies by industry show greater absorption of electromagnetic radiation in children 5 years compared with those of 10 or an adult. Dr. Om.P. Gandhi, who conducted this research, stopped receiving sponsorship for their projects after the publication of this. We make efforts to care for brain development in children; give them seat belts, bicycle helmets when they ride … and never would give them a shot of whiskey or a cigarette; Then, why do we give them a phone when we have evidence? In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) considered the radiation from cell a possible cause carcinogenic in the same category as DDT, one of the most widely used pesticides in the world to control mosquitoes.

Then, in his view, should not use cell phones. Or how should be the use?

I’m not telling you people not to use cell phones. Cell can save lives and have improved our ability to respond to emergencies.But 90% of broadband in the world is using 10% of the population, and are being used for games, porn and videos. From the point of view of the industry is a great answer consumer, but we have to ask ourselves if this is really what we need to do: should have next to the windows of our room a big antenna that everyone can download a movie? For example, in Switzerland it is impossible to sell a phone if it does not come with headphones; the same, in Israel. The headphones reduce exposure. The concept is simple: Distance is your friend. No matter what type of phone you have, you should not carry in your pockets.

In Colombia the debate focuses on the location of the antennas, rather than the use of cell phones. What effect do these health?

There is no question that locate or antennae, but we need to be better designed. They should have more, but smaller and less powerful. For example, the Swiss government and the telephone industry, which has high standards of quality, have 100 to 1,000 antennas unless Colombia. The software and hardware must be of the highest quality and safest way. Currently not built well. The big problem is ignorance.

What are the obstacles to mass this information?

I have published nearly 200 scientific about technical books and 11 articles, but did not make any difference. If we are to change public health must prevent cancer; we need to stop debating whether or not we have sufficient evidence and start taking steps to reduce our position. The reason we have almost no progress is because people are ignorant, and my job is to transfer this topic it took me seven years to understand. People who install these towers do not know about health; what they want to do is ensure that the signal is the strongest of all and get richer.

You compare the effects of tobacco with the telecommunications sector. What do you think of the efforts of this industry?

I think this industry is divided. Some people talk about me and take note of my warnings; others do not. I give lectures at Stanford, in Silicon Valley, and I wonder why they, who are the great technology, do not give their children cell phones and send them to the Waldorf schools, where they have no contact with computers until they 12, and why they have no problem making money off of other children.

Do you use the phone?

When I started writing on this topic had three. He walked like a cowboy with two in each pocket. He was very enthusiastic about technology, and still am. I use phone, but now my computer is in my bag in airplane mode except when I call someone. I claim my space.