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Cyprus EMF Reduction in Makareio Hospital and New Wireless Public Health Awareness Campaign

Jul 10, 2019


Breaking News: Health authorities in Cyprus have launched a new  public awareness campaign to educate people about wireless radiation. In addition  the Archbıshop Makarıos III Hospital has reduced wireless radiation in the  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Unit  by replacing wireless with wired internet connections.  Please see the press release reprinted with permission from the Cyprus Committee on Children and Environmental Health.  

Tablets, mobile phones, etc, should not be given to preschool children – up until primary school, unless they are in flight mode and with the Wi-Fi disconnected. Independent validated research proves that it can cause problems to normal physical, mental and emotional development, and impose the need for the implementation of appropriate and age-Related optimal exploitation of technology. 

In conclusion, the CNCECH submitted the following recommendations:

  1. Prohibition of the use of Wi-Fi and other wireless connections, and mobile phones/tablets in kindergartens, playgrounds and schools, up to the Gymnasium, according to the French model.
  2. Teachers’ awareness, education and active engagement of students using the Committee’s videos and other material.
  3. Assessment of the exposure of children to devices and facilities to be done  on the basis of scientifically proven “guideline” biological safety criteria.
  4. Ensuring parents’ right to know and have a say in the installation / use of wireless connections / devices at places where their children are hosted or educated.
  5. Continuous provision of information about the risks and precautions to the public.
  6. Training of Health Professionals and Teachers.
  7. Wi-Fi Removal – Wired Internet Promotion to Pediatric Units and a ban on the use of mobile phones in hospitals. 

Campaign Resources


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