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What Nation Has 100 Internet Addiction Camps?

Jul 2, 2013




Environmental Health Trust

July 2013 

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Dr. Devra Davis’s latest 

Huff Post Op-Ed

Treating digital zombies

Internet addiction camps are startling new reality 

Illustration: University of Chicago Magazine

A new report from South Korean medical researchers illuminates an experiment in which we and our young children are all participating. Neuroscientists there reported a rise in digital dementia — the tendency of the young to be so obsessed with smart phones that they can’t remember phone numbers, produce legible handwriting, or look people in the eye, all signs of a type of brain damage. Read more here. 

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Following in footsteps of Jackson Hole, Wyo., Turkey tackles cell phone radiation 


A 2010 proclamation created in Jackson Hole, WY, declaring October “Cell Phone Safety Awareness Month” is serving as a model around the world. In response to a recent conference in Samsun, Turkey, officials there spearheaded a multi-media public educational campaign about cell phone safety. EHT’s doctor pamphlet (first used in Jackson Hole, WY), Read more.


Yale University Chief: New data shows cell phones pose risks to pregnancy

  Photo: The Westerly Sun

Yale University Chairman of Obstetrics Dr. Hugh Taylor outlined recently his important findings that mice prenatally exposed to cell phone radiation have serious problems in behavior and brain development.  Read More.  


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Talk of the town

Progressive radio icon Thom Hartmann hosts Dr. Devra Davis


 Jackson Hole, WY, schools get wired  

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