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Health Risks of Cell Phones and Wireless

What You Need To Know About The Health Risks of Cell phones and Wireless Devices

This page contains resources on children, wireless and health for parents including summaries of the science, prevention tips for the home, articles, videos, book picks and more. We hope you will peruse this page, bookmark it and come back again. The resources are just a small sample of the wealth of information on the subject.

What is the problem?

All wireless devices use microwave radiation to communicate – but at levels much lower than your microwave oven. Decades ago, it was assumed that since the microwave levels for wireless communication were low, they could not heat or harm people. Therefore, cell phones and wireless devices came on the market before they were properly tested for long term safety. However these early assumptions of safety are no longer valid. Recent science indicates that wireless can have harmful biological effects. Hundreds of scientists and over a dozen governments are all saying the same thing, “Reduce exposure to children.”

What are the health concerns from cell phones and wireless?
Protect the Ones You Love - Cell Phones and Wireless Health Risk

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Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to the effects of wireless radiation. Research repeatedly shows that a child’s brain and body absorbs more radiation than an adult brain due to a child’s thinner skull and unique physiology.

There are decades of peer reviewed studies demonstrating serious biological health effects from low level microwave radiation including neurological damage, DNA breaks, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, sleep and memory disturbances, ADHD, abnormal behavior, sperm dysfunction, and brain tumors. These effects have occurred at exposure levels far far lower than the safety standards most governments use.

Children will have a lifetime of exposure.  Since the health effect is cumulative, children require special protections. Due to these health concerns, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued recommendations to reduce wireless exposure to children.

What devices emit wireless radiation?

All cell phones and all Wi-Fi devices exposure us to wireless radiation. Be aware that home cordless phones emit the same type of radiation as cell phones. The DECT base station for your home cordless phone emits radiation nonstop all day. Other devices include computers, laptops, tablets, e-book readers, wireless printers, speakers, gaming consoles, baby monitors and even your wireless mouse.

How can I reduce my family’s  exposure?

Reducing exposure is actually quite simple. Start by using your cell phone differently to minimize exposure and decrease your cell phone use. At home get a corded phone (to replace the cordless home phone) and forward your cell phone to it. Connect your home computers, printers and accessories with a cord or cable with all wireless features OFF.   

No need to get overwhelmed, just take it one device at a time. Some devices need an inexpensive adapter to connect with cords (Learn more here). Be sure you have turned the Wi-Fi off the device itself (on settings) once you are using corded connections. In fact, even some iPhones can connect with cords so you can text and use apps radiation free.

Environmental Health Trust has a Q and A about children and wireless at this link.

Learn about EMFs and Autism at this link.

Learn more. We have several videos at the bottom of this page for parents. We hope you will take some time to learn more with these resources.

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Ten Steps Towards Safe Technology at Home

Andrea Fabry’s blog posts about her family journey to reduce EMF and hardwire cell phones and devices step by step

Dr. Martha Herbert’s Letter about Wi-Fi in School

Simple Steps to Strengthen Family Connections EveryDay

Ten Steps to Successfully Unplug Children from Technology by Cris Rowan

Technology Use Guidelines for children and youth  developed by Cris Rowan pediatric occupational therapist

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Many parents ask for articles to read and share with friends and family. Check out these articles and share them with your friends.

Child Brain Development

How Cell Phones Affect A Child’s Brain, Healthy Living Magazine

Sizing up Electromagnetic Fields (Brain Health, Autism, ADHD) by Dr. Martha Herbert in Autism Notebook: go to  pp. 24- ­25  

The Green Gazette: Autism: Little Bodies Out of Sync:Why Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Radiofrequency Radiation Exposures Matter for People with Autism Spectrum Conditions by Cindy Sage

The Kids Are Not All Right. How Wireless Tech Is Harming Our Youth And What Parents Can Do Right Now

The Whole Picture and What You Can Do

Parents Magazine: How Wireless Devices Can Be Dangerous for Your Family

Former Microsoft Canada President  Frank Clegg’s The Tech Exec’s 5-Step Guide to Wireless Safety in Vitality Magazine

10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12, Huffington Post by Chris Rowan


Baltimore Sun: Wifi in Maryland schools may put your kid at risk for cancer

Cindy Lee Russell, MD, Vice President of Community Health, Santa Clara County Medical Association has published several excellent articles in the SC Medical Association Bulletin:

WiFi In School: Are We Playing It Safe With Our Kids?

Shallow Minds: How the Internet and Wi-Fi in Schools Can Affect Learning

Boston Parents Paper: Is Wi-Fi In Schools Safe? By Brian Spero

The New US Government Study on Cell Phones and Cancer

Consumer Reports: Does Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Cancer? What the New Study Means For You

PBS: How Might Cell Phone Signals Cause Cancer May 30, 2016

Scientific American: Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions: Exposure to radiofrequency radiation linked to tumor formation in rats

Cell Phones and Cancer

Green Gazette: Save the Girls. Make the Bra a No-Phone Zone (on Breast Cancer) by Dr. Devra Davis

Green Gazette: Wireless Communication and Precautionary Principle, Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski


12 Steps To Reduce Fetal Exposures

Prevent Cancer Now: Cancer Prevention Tips/Healthy Home/Lawn and Garden/Toxic Products.

Skin Deep Database: Just type in the name of a personal care or cosmetic product to assess the ingredients and get a health/safety rating.

Guide To Healthy Cleaning Products: Is your dishwashing soap toxic? Take a look at how hundreds of home cleaning products and air fresheners compare when you investigate for toxic ingredients.

Avoid Pesticides: Check out pesticide rankings of 48 fruits and vegetables.


Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Children and Wireless Radiation

Medical Doctors Consensus Statements And Recommendations On Cell Phones/Wireless

Letters From Doctors About Wi-Fi in School

Wi-Fi Technology In School

Baltimore CBS News New Research Links Cell Phones To Health Issues In Children

Families Managing Media Website

Tech Diet – Four Tech Tools To Help “Tech Fat” Families Reduce The Use Of Technology


Links go to authors websites when possible

The Autism Revolution: Whole Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be Dr. Martha Herbert

Safer Technology

Wireless-wise Kids: Safe ways to use mobile and wireless technology by Lyn McLean and Janet Selby

An Electronic Silent Spring: Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits by Katie Singer

Disconnect, The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation by Dr. Devra Davis

Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It by Dr. Martin Blank

Children and Screens

The Big Disconnect, by Dr. Catherine Steiner Adair

Reset Your Child’s Brain: A Four-Week Plan to End Meltdowns, Raise Grades, and Boost Social Skills by Reversing the Effects of Electronic Screen-Time by Dr. Victoria Dunckley

Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids-and How to Break the Trance by Nicholas Kardaras

Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age by Dr. Richard Freed

Virtual Child by Chris Rowan

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This is just a sampling of the wealth of information available.