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EMF Awareness Day Launched by ES-UK

Jun 8, 2018



(4th June 2018)

EMF Awareness Day: 11th June 2018


Some children and adults are made ill by Wi-Fi and similar wireless devices like mobile phones. This is an increasingly common condition, with symptoms like headaches, disturbed sleep, heart palpitations, skin problems, anxiety or depression. In bad cases people affected can lose their jobs or social life. Electromagnetic Fields Awareness day is on 11th June, three years after Jenny, a 15-year-old school girl, took her life after her school refused to switch off the Wi-Fi.

On June 11, 2015, a 15-year-old schoolgirl, Jenny Fry, took her life. She had been suffering health effects at her school from its Wi-Fi. Although warned by her parents, the school chose to accept reassurances from government that there was no consistent evidence that this could happen and so refused to provide an area without this radiation.

Jenny was not alone in suffering from what is known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity, also known as Microwave Sickness. It can cause symptoms of illness in children and adults. These symptoms vary from mild to severe, especially if people already have low immunity. Sufferers experience symptoms when they are exposed to electromagnetic fields, even at much lower intensities than the government’s permitted levels of radiation.

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity can go from having a simple headache or heart palpitations to anxiety and depression caused by the increasing saturation of wireless radiation coming from Wi-Fi, mobile phones, phone masts, cordless phones, and smart meters. Anxiety and depression seem to be on the rise among some school children and university students.

Jenny’s mum, Debra Fry, is keen to warn other parents of the health problems of Wi-Fi. Relatively few doctors are aware of the rapidly growing science concerning the condition and some still confuse this physical intolerance or allergy with a different condition, a psychological fear called Electrophobia. Although some tribunals and employers have accepted the physical condition since 2012, this lack of knowledge among others has led to people losing their jobs, homes or even, as in Jenny’s case, their lives.


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