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France is right: Kids home during the pandemic shouldn’t use phones for hours.

Apr 15, 2020


Dr. Devra Davis latest published an Op-Ed..

France is Right: Kids home during the pandemic shouldn’t use phones for hours.

In these worrying times when a new highly contagious virus has ended life as we once knew it, we increasingly rely on cellphones to allow us some sense of connection to those we care about. But, just how safe are these now-ubiquitous, essential devices and the networks on which they rely? Across this country children are being asked to use phones for school in ways that would be illegal in France and Israel, where phones are not permitted to be used for educational purposes. 

At this year’s beginning, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a faulty report on cell phone radiation declaring all is well.  Despite headlines of the agency tests reading, “FCC Determines iPhone Radiation Doesn’t Exceed Safety Levels”, the reality is quite the opposite. Instead of testing phones the way they are used- in the pocket or resting against the body, the agency tested phones with outdated test methods that were first set in 1996 when gas cost little more than a dollar, cell phones cost about a thousand times more and were used by fewer than 15% of the population and carried in holsters.  

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