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Fukushima (Three Years Later)

Mar 18, 2014


March 11, 2014 marked three years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan caused a triple meltdown and multiple explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.  Approximately 160,000 people have become homeless nuclear refugees, 13% of Japan is highly  contaminated and daily emissions of intense radioactivity continue to poison Japan and the rest of the planet with no end in sight.  Radioactive particles can interact with chemicals and radiation from all wireless devices and synergize in unpredictable ways.  We must all learn about, measure and avoid as much as possible, contaminated food and water from the ongoing radioactivity pouring incessantly into the air and into the Pacific ocean.  Food sources can bio-accumulate radioactive particles.

 Above all, we must prevent more Fukushimas from  happening here in the US. where we have 23 nuclear power plants of the same flawed GE design as  Fukushima’s. In California there are hundreds of thousands of tons of intensely radioactive waste precariously stored, along with two operating
reactors, in tsunami zones at the intersection of multiple earthquake faults just as in Fukushima.  We can replace this energy with renewable, benign energy sources.  The planetary DNA can’t tolerate any more Fukushimas.
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