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Generation Zapped at the DC Independent Film Festival – February 15th @5:30

Jan 30, 2018


The documentary film Generation Zapped is playing in DC next month!

At the DC Independent Film Festival – February 15th @5:30

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with experts.


Full Festival Schedule with Generation Zapped at this link

Generation Zapped


“In less than a generation, cell phones and the Internet have revolutionized virtually every aspect of our lives, transforming how we work, socialize and communicate. But what are the health consequences of this invisible convenience?

As a mother of teenagers I am concerned with the shadow side of wireless technology on our children. I am troubled by the increased health risks and how it is sociologically impacting children’s development and behavior. As a citizen and consumer, I am disturbed by the business ethics behind the wireless revolution and its ubiquitous use in schools, at work, and at home.

I love technology and the many conveniences it has offered us, yet I believe that increased transparency is vital, including pre-market testing, post-market monitoring, and revised policies and regulations.

Finally, I invite audiences to consider the case for honoring the precautionary principle when it comes to the adoption of wireless technology – to simply slow down, turn it off at night and “plug it in” until more extensive research is validated and complete.”

— Sabine El Gemayel (Director of Generation Zapped)

Get tickets now as they will sell out soon!