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[] We need to get to the bottom of what mobile phones do to our health

Dec 20, 2010


Without my iPhone, I’d find it hard to function, to stay in touch with my constituents and check the latest developments in Westminster on the move. Colleagues always joke that my mobile is glued to my ear. And, yes, I’ve even been known to use it in the bath.

But what does all that talk-time do to your health? Or carrying a phone next to your body for 18 hours a day?

The scientific jury is still out on whether those powerful micro-waves may be causing long-term damage. Thousands of studies have already been published on the subject, especially into the links between brain cancer and radiation. Yet the vast majority have proved inconclusive. Only last year, the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer said further work was crucial into the long-term “heavy” use of mobile phones.

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