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Jackson Hole Campaign for Safer Wireless Use Announces 5 Winners in its 3rd Annual Student Ad Contest for their Video submissions

May 24, 2013


Jackson, WY (May 10, 2013) – At the Jackson Hole Eco Fair today, Mayor Mark Barron, a strong leader in promoting wireless safety, announced the names of five students who have been recognized as winners in this year’s Student Art, Science and Technology Contest. The contest is held annually by Environmental Health Trust’s Jackson Action team to encourage students to look more closely at the facts about wireless technology that is so prevalent in their daily lives and learn how to protect themselves from microwave exposure.

Jackson Hole Schools and Fairs were buzzing this year as the contest reached further into the community than ever. Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools were visited once or twice throughout the year to spread EHT’s message of how to be safer in our wireless world. With the use of a microwave radiation detector, students, teachers and parents alike were surprised to see the amount and frequency of microwave radiation in their classrooms, lunchrooms, offices and homes. Funky headsets were popular among the displays, particularly with the middle schoolers and it was clear that students were very excited to share their experiences and ask questions about this very popular activity in their lives.
The winners submitted videos that utilized peer incentive to learn the facts and practice safe phone!
Runners up were Carson Meyer, Sam Swartz, Ciel Colon and Victor Perez for their video entitled “Cell Phone Radiation” seen here:
And for the second year in a row, Marena Salerno Collins entered the 1st place winning submission entitled “Be Safe With Electromagnetic Radiation!” seen here:

 Congratulations to this year’s winners and remember to keep “Wired”!