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Kalamata Greece Suspends 5G Program

Dec 3, 2019


Kalamata Greece Suspends 5G Pilot Program

Greece: The Kalamata City Council decided not to continue the 5G pilot program after a three hour debate.

The City decided not to renew the contract with the telecommunications company-  a contract originally signed for the development of a 5G Pilot program. This is a result of a 6 month effort made by the people of Kalamata to stop the 5G deployment in their town,” stated Dr. Theodore Metsis who has been presenting across the country on the environmental and human health issues posed by 5G. 

News coverage: “The city council decided to suspend 5G in Kalamata”

CNN Greece News Coverage Kalamata: “Experiment with the Kalamatians’ Guinea Pigs” – “Block” on 5G Network by the Municipality

Video of the meeting at the Kalamata City Council.


Kalamata was the first City in Greece to install 5G. Watch a video from earlier this year when they celebrated the pilot program.