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Environmental Health Resources


Environmental Health Resources

We are exposed to chemicals and radiation every day. Sometimes we cannot control it. But there are many things—like some exposures to toxic chemicals and radiation—that are within our control. We know it can seem overwhelming, but there really are easy things you can do—today and every day—to reduce your risk.

It is important to learn about all these environmental health issues so you can make simple changes in your home that will safeguard your family.

Wireless radiation is only one issue of many important environmental health issues impacting us today. The Environmental Health Trust hopes that you will learn about plastics, cleaning products, clean water, pesticides and sunscreens to start. We can make a difference by exercising our right to choose safer products as a consumer. We can make a difference by sharing environmental health resources and taking action in our community. Education is the key!

Below are a list of links to external environmental health resources that have excellent information on this topic. Please take the time to visit their sites learn about environmental health issues and your family.

Grassroots Environmental Education: Fracking, Artificial Turf, Chemicals and Wireless

The Child Safe School: a step-by-step framework to help parents, teachers and administrators make their schools as environmentally safe as they can be.

JANUARY 21, 1996: Environmental Issues Rep. Markey hosted a forum on environmental issues and the role of the U.S. government. This panel discussed the relationship between environment and public health. Featuring, Paul Burns, Devra L. Davis, Edward J. Markey, Velma Smith

The Environmental Working Group

The Breast Cancer Fund

Woman’s Voices for the Earth

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Black Women for Wellness

The Center for Health Environment and Justice

Teens Turning Green

Collaborative on Health and the Environment

Assessing Carcinogenic Potential of Low-Dose Exposures to Chemical Mixtures in the Environment: The Challenge Ahead

Environmental Health News