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Law Letter: “Small Cell” Bill Will Shift Liability and Reasonably Result in Bankruptcy of California: SB649

Jul 19, 2017


Law Office of Harry Lehmann Letter to the State of California

Liability for Damage From Microwave Radiation Exposure

Sustained by Senate Bill 649 Will Be Shifted to California State


In this letter dated July 19, 2017  the Law Office of Harry Lehmann explains how the State of California faces liability for damage sustained by Senate Bill 649  because the Bill shifts liability from the Telecom industry to the State of California. He documents in detail the science indicating serious harm – including DNA impacts and cancer- from microwave radiation.

“If the assembly goes forward despite this risk, bankruptcy of the State of California can be reasonably expected to result. 

He states that under California government code, lawsuits can be brought for “Dangerous condition of public property. “ Lehmann points to the fact that the State of California allowed firefighters to be exempt from the wireless infrastructure as proof that California State has admitted “ the dangerous nature of the about to be built ‘small cell’ system, because as a matter of provable Legislative Intent, the firehouses were exempted due to health concerns”.

The California firefighter Unions have been outspoken in their concerns about health. Watch firefighters speak and read their letters at this link.

Read the letter in full here.

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Assembly Appropriations risk warn letter 7-19-17