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Unprecedented Information Livestreamed from Harvard and Yale Experts on Children & Wireless Radiation

May 2, 2016

Doctors Present Evidence of Wireless Radiation Impacts on Children

Press Contact: Janet Vasquez, JV Public Relations NY (212) 645-5498

Medical Symposium Highlights New Research on Exposure, Brain Development and Behavior

Who: Leading medical and public health experts:

  • Hugh Taylor, MD, PhD, Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, Yale School of Medicine
  • Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University
  • Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, Environmental Health Trust
  • Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, Brainmending
  • Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD, Harvard Medical School

What: The nation’s leading experts on wireless radiation exposure will participate in a livestream press conference prior sponsored by the Environmental Health Trust to their panel entitled Wireless and Children: Why and How to Protect Infants, Toddlers and Young Children from Avoidable Exposures to Wireless Transmitting Devices at the Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting in Baltimore taking place at the Baltimore Convention Center.

When: Tuesday, May 3rd, 10 am to 11 am EST

Where: Online Press Conference (link will be active starting May 3rd @ 10AM EST):

How: Text questions to (516) 423-6021 or 917-569-7470 email: or

Background: The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified both microwave radiation and radio frequency radiation as Group 2B (possible) human carcinogens. Brain models and computer simulations show that children absorb more microwave radiation than adults. A child’s skull, which is thinner and smaller, absorbs ten times more radiation than that of an adult. International studies provide significant evidence on the effect of cell phone radiation on acoustic neuroma and glioma. The PAS symposium will highlight new clinical findings about the impact of wireless radiation on the infant and child brain, and propose practical clinical advice on how to reduce exposures.

Dr. Taylor will discuss Pregnancy and Wireless Safety: What Experimental Studies Tell Us About Learning Disabilities and Clinical Practice. Dr. Davis will reveal new modeling of microwave exposures to the child brain and body and the latest international policies to reduce and control microwave exposures to children. Dr. Herbert will present the Rationale for Research and Precautionary Clinical Intervention Regarding Autism-EMF Link. Dr. Steiner-Adair will discuss The Big Disconnect: How Technology Can Undermine Parenting in the Modern World. Dr. Shetreat-Klein will discuss How to Protect the Brains of the Future.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to hear and interview experts on children’s exposure to wireless radiation, obtain state of the art video modeling of radiation exposures to the young brain and copies of practical advice to clinicians and parents about why and how to reduce exposures.

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Media Contact for the Environmental Health Trust

Janet Vasquez/JV Public Relations NY