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Madrid Scientific Declaration on Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Fields 2017

Dec 27, 2017


The International Scientific Declaration of Madrid 2017

Royal National Academy of Medicine, Madrid Spain

September 28, 2017

On September 28, 2017 at the Royal National Academy of Medicine in Madrid Spain,  expert scientists and doctors gathered to sign a scientific declaration calling for urgent action.

“Exposure to extremely low-frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields generated by electric and wireless devices may have an unavoidable and indisputable effect on public health and, in particular, on the most vulnerable, such as children, pregnant women, chronically ill patients, as well as the aged. The above-mentioned electric and wireless systems include (albeit not exclusively) radiofrequency radiation (RFR) gadgets, such as mobile phones and other wireless communication devices, as well as their broadcasting systems and base stations, Wi-Fi, transmission antennas, smart meters and baby monitors, as well as electrical utility equipments and their infrastructure which provide electricity that yields extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF), often together with high-frequency disturbances found on today’s grid.”  

The 2017 Madrid Declaration in English

The 2017 Madrid Declaration in Spanish

Please watch videos from the lectures by Professor Olle Johansson and Elizabeth Kelley.


Initial sponsors in Madrid, Spain, on the 28th of September, 2018 include:

José Luis Bardasano Rubio. Doctor and Professor of Pathological Anatomy. Department of Medicine and Medical Specialities at the University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain. President of the European Foundation of Bioelectromagnetism and Health Sciences.

Jesús A. Fernández-Tresguerres Hernández-Gil. Doctor and Professor of Physiology and Experimental Endocrinology at the Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. Member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine; Experimental Endocrinology-Seat 47.

Olle Johansson. Ph.D. in Medicine and Neuroscientist, Head of the Experimental Dermatology Unit of the Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Elizabeth Kelley. M.A., Director, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance.

Darío Acuña Castroviejo. Doctor and Professor of Physiology at the University of Granada, Spain. Director of the CTS-101 Research Group at the Granada Technological Park.

Emilio Mayayo Artal. Doctor and Professor of Pathological Anatomy at the University Rovira i Virgili (URV), Tarragona, Spain. Director of the Spanish Journal of Pathology (Revista Española de Patología).

Pedro Costa Morata. Telecommunications Engineer. Doctor in Political Sciences and Sociology. National Award for Environment Protection.

José Manuel Amaya y García de la Escosura. Doctor and Agricultural Engineer. Professor Emeritus at the Politechnic University of Madrid. Honorary Professor and researcher of the University of Alcalá, Madrid. Member of the Commission of Technologies for the Defense and the Committee on Creativity and Inventiveness of the Spanish Institute of Engineering.

Juan Álvarez-Ude . Physicist and Doctor in Biology. Professor Emeritus of the University of Alcalá, Madrid. Expert on Bioelectromagnetism and Biomedical Engineering.

The 2017 Madrid Declaration in English

The 2017 Madrid Declaration in Spanish

Madrid International Scientific Declaration with attached documents (1)