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Maria’s Safe Haven: A Vision for a Permaculture Camp for EMF Refugees

Jul 16, 2019


Safe Haven: A Vision for a Permaculture Camp for EMF Refugees

Let us Gather, Unite, and Build!

by Maria Tupten

EHT is honored to share the vision and words of Maria  August Ani Thupten Tsondru (August 3, 1970 – March 12, 2019). People worldwide with debilitating symptoms from electromagnetic fields are searching for a safe place to live amidst a society “loving their phones to death” as Maria told us. Maria’s vision of Safe Haven is a quiet property, a sanctuary for folks with severe EHS to detox and recover in a non-toxic calm environment without RF and minimal electromagnetic radiation.  In addition to supporting Safe Haven, we will soon be sharing new awareness raising resources directly from her words.
Want to be involved? Please contact EHT at and in the subject line write “In Support of Safe Haven.”

“When I first became aware that I was sick due to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), I was shocked that such a condition existed. Then stunned as it proliferated to the degree of severe and debilitating EHS. As the sickness and symptoms snowballed, it prevented me from working, being in public places, seeking healthcare, and socializing with friends. I now find myself in the paradoxical position of needing to be housebound, yet there is

nowhere to live. It seems everywhere has wi-fi, smart meters, cell phones/towers, not to mention TV, radio, computers, motors, and CFL bulbs. Catapulted into this obscure and isolating universe, I have discovered I am not alone.

At first, I naively assumed that since so many other people are afflicted with EHS that certainly there must be remote eco-villages where we go to recover. Wrong and double-wrong. For folks with moderate sensitivity, there are pockets of livable locations and ways to shield/neutralize the EMF. However, for folks like me and countless others with severe sensitivity to all four types of common EMFs, there is basically no infrastructure. Yet. That is why I offer the vision of Safe Haven. This property can be a template to provide healthy, non-toxic, safe housing to those who struggle with illness and homelessness caused by EHS and EMFs.

For those of you with the capability and means, I hope this vision will inspire you to make Safe Haven a reality. Let us Gather, Unite, and Build!

Welcome to Safe Haven

In an ideal world which we can co-create, there will be a plethora of Safe Havens tucked in every corner. Yet if there is one single perfect Safe Haven, then it is described below. This is the place where I want to live, heal, and then nurture others back to health. Open your mind and come in – welcome to Safe Haven.

Safe Haven looks like a tiny fairytale village nestled into a valley among rolling hills. This is a super low EMF nature location in a place with a year-round growing season. The land is dotted with small cob cottages, each situated privately among our verdant and abundant food forest. In the center of the mandala is the communal kitchen and dining area. Further afield, we have a bath-house and washing machine (it’s operated by a bicycle!). Clothes and sheets get a sun bath on the drying line.

Safe Haven is a quiet property, a sanctuary for folks with severe EHS to detox and recover. EVERYTHING is non-toxic, from building materials to food to toiletries to linens to the salt water therapy pool. There is no RF, no EMI, and very little MF and EF. The environment exudes peace and calm.

Delicious meals spring forth from our food forest; meals based on healing detox regimens from Anthony William. We eat outside under a pergola, listening to the birds, bees and our various animals. Residents rest in their cozy private cottages which have no electricity or metal pipes.

We offer space for meditation, yoga, and bodywork. Hopefully, there are visits from healers and a naturopath.  Maybe even a dental hygienist! No need to go out into the world. Just stay in this sacred womb and let your cells renew and refresh. Remember what it is like to be human. Play in the garden, tend to the animals, help with our small cottage industry. There is space to make art and be creative. Here, everyone is welcome, rich and poor, young and old, abled and disabled. For those who have been sick, homeless, and scared, this is a dream come true. The dream of a Safe Haven.”

Safe Haven Vision PDF