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Key Elements for School Union Resolutions on Cell Phones and Safer Technology

May 1, 2020


Key Elements of Safe Technology Resolutions and Position Statements

Educator unions around the world have passed several types of resolutions and position statements on the issue of cell phone and safe technology.

EHT recommends that resolutions incorporate three issues:

1. That member’s health be protected with safer technology network infrastructure on the school campus. This includes consideration of internet connections as well as cell towers.

2. That students and staff be educated on safer cell phone and technology use as a daily part of everyday life in the classroom.

3. That the union develop materials and a process to advocate at the state and federal level to promote safe technology at these levels of decision making.


Three Resolutions and Position Statements To Consider

United Educators of San Francisco’s Resolution on Safer Technology 

This resolution is focused on ensuring the California Department of Health advisory on cellphones is disseminated to students, parents, and staff. Read it here. 

New York State Teachers Union Resolution on the Hazards of Wireless Radiation Emission

This resolution educates on reducing wireless exposures to members and educating on how to eliminate sources of wireless in schools. Read it here.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association Position Statement

This position statement reviewed classroom infrastructure and puts forward that Wi-Fi may present a potential health and safety risk or hazard in the workplace. Read it here. 

In order to see the range of resolutions passed by educators please go to our webpage that has compiled a list from around the world.