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National Security Threat from 5G: Attorney Harry V. Lehmann warns Senator Dianne Feinstein in March 22 2018 Letter

Mar 16, 2018


Attorney Harry V. Lehmann warns Senator Dianne Feinstein of National Security Threat from 5G in March Letter

Harry V. Lehmann, An attorney and engineer who served President Reagan, is urging the Senate to suspend its approval of a national close proximity microwave radiating system underlying 5G. In his letter to Senator Feinstein dated March 8, 2018 he states:

“In addition to well documented damage to the human biological system from pulsed data- modulated radiofrequency microwave radiation which causes DNA strand breakage, the many Congressional bills, proposing intensive 4G/5G deployment (small cell  antennas on every block) present severe civil liberties impairments with resulting indelible national security risks.”

Lehmann warns that massive data hacking will become a much more simple thing to pull off if this untested 5G system is set up as currently envisioned. In addition, there are real threats to public health and the environment from blanketing our cities with exposures to high-frequency close proximity microwave radiating devices.

His letter states:

  1. “The currently proposed 4G/5G dense deployment will result in personal privacy impairments from ubiquitous surveillance as never previously experienced in United States, and
  2. Due to the ease of inevitable hacking the “every block” 4G/5G deployment would allow foreign powers to track the day to day   details of virtually all human life in United States including location and movement of military assets and personnel, thereby with indelible national security impairment.”

Read Henry Lehman’s March 15, 2018 Letter to Senator Feinstein


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Note: Lehman has written previous letters regarding 5G.

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