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News on Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Study of the National Toxicology Program Final Reports November 2018

Nov 8, 2018


On November 1, 2018 the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences National Toxicology Program released their final reports on their $25 M study on cell phone radiation.

Read the NIH  Press release 11/1/2018: High Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation Associated With Cancer in Male Rats. 

The NIHS updated their webpage on cell phones at  NIEHS Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation  and they issued a new factsheet on Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation Studies.

Then the FDA issued a statement stating they did not accept the findings. “Statement from Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., Director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health on the National Toxicology Program’s report on radiofrequency energy exposure” 

Read EHTs online press release. 

Here is a sampling of the news stories.  There are many more…


Public News Service: Study: Cellphone Radiation Links To Cancer In Male Rats

NBC News – Final report says cellphone radiation may cause cancer in rats but not people

EWG – Landmark Federal Study: ‘Clear Evidence’ Linking Cellphone Radiation to Cancer

Independent – ‘Clear evidence’ of mobile phone radiation link to cancers in rats, US health agency concludes

EurekAlert! – High exposure to radio frequency radiation associated with cancer in male rats

The New York Times – Major Study Finds ‘Some Evidence’ of Link Between Cellphone Radiation and Brain Cancer

Daily Beast – Study Links Cellphone Use With Brain Cancer, But You’re Probably Fine

BuzzFeed News – No, A Study Did Not Find That Cellphones Can Give You Cancer

National Institutes of Health (Medical Xpress) – High exposure to radio frequency radiation associated with cancer in male rats

on Economic – High exposure to mobile phone signals causes cancer tumours in the hearts of male lab rats

Bloomberg – U.S. Finds Clear Evidence Cellphone Radiation Causes Rat Tumors

The Wall Street Journal – Scientists Find ‘Clear Evidence’ Cellphone Radiation Can Cause Cancer in Rats

Independent – Mobile phone cancer stories are a trend that never goes out of fashion

NewsMax Health – Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer in Rats, Government Study Finds

Live Science – Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the New Study Linking Cellphones to Cancer

Quartz – Cell-phone radiation can cause cancer in rats. The next question: What does it mean for humans?

The Daily Wire – PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE: Comprehensive Study Finds High Cell Phone Use Causes Heart Tumors In Rats

CNN – Federal health agencies disagree over link between cell phone radiation and cancer

CNET – Frequency used by 1990s cell phones linked to cancer in rats, study finds

US NEWS (A World Report) – Study Finds Some Link Between Cellphone Use and Tumors

Consumer Affairs – Cell phone radiation linked to brain cancer in rats. Some rats exposed to cell phone radiation developed brain tumors, compared to zero percent in the control group

NY DAILY NEWS – Study finds ‘clear evidence’ cell phone radiation may cause cancer in rats — but not humans

AP News – Cross talk: Federal agencies clash on cellphone cancer risk

CBS12 Florida – New study finds ‘some link’ between brain cancer and cell phones

USA Today – Cellphone study shows risk of cancer in rats exposed to radio frequency radiation



TechGuy Labs – Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer in Rats, New Evidence Shows

CBS News – November 1, 2018 State at end– scroll to @ 14:45

CBS News – Report: Cell phones don’t cause cancer

RT America – FDA ‘Ignoring the Evidence’ on Cellphones and Cancer

The Sun – TOUGH CALL ‘Clear evidence’ mobile phones ARE linked to cancer, landmark study finds

CBS 3 Philly – New Study Shows There Could Be Link Between Cell Phones And Brain Cancer

WCNC – Report finds cell phones don’t cause cancer in humans



Metro UK – Mobile phone radiation can cause cancer in rats – but only one gender is at risk

The Sun UK – ‘Clear evidence’ mobile phones ARE linked to cancer, landmark study finds

Daily Mail UK – Cell phones ARE linked to cancer, landmark study finds: Results show ‘clear evidence’ of tumor growth after repeated exposure to radiation

Daily Mail UK – FDA insists cell phones ARE safe – despite new government study that found ‘clear evidence’ of link to heart and brain cancers in rats

New Zealand Herald – Landmark study finds cellphones are linked to cancer

PRP Channel Italy – Cell phones and cancer: there is a link between cellular radiation and cancer