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The Oceania Radiofrequency Science Advisory Association Database on Electromagnetic Fields

Aug 1, 2017


The Oceania Radiofrequency Science Advisory Association

Database on Electromagnetic Fields

The Oceania Radiofrequency Science Advisory Association (ORSAA) Database is a searchable database on peer-reviewed scientific studies and articles on bioeffect research of electromagnetic fields.


The database is designed to enable detailed independent searches. It does not cherry pick information and adheres to a strict selection criteria. This database is invaluable to researchers and scientists but requires some training on how to use it most effectively.


Please click here to visit the ORSAA database.


ORSAA also has a highly informative newsletter and posts recent news. The news updates can be accessed at this link.


Training videos online explain how to use the database.  

Training Video No 1. To Search for Records:This training video demonstrates how to perform a search in FIND mode.

Training Video No 2. Perform Find and Download a CSV file:

This training video demonstrates the search function using FIND mode and how to export the result as a CSV file.  A CSV file can then be converted into an Excel spreadsheet to be re-formatted and manipulated as required.

Link to the ORSAA Search Engine

Getting Started PDF



The following selection criteria for adding to the database are applied:

  •       All Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) papers for the period 01/01/2000 to 31/08/20012
  •       All ARPANSA monthly survey of literature with reviews after January 2008
  •       All scientific studies in the following categories must appear in a peer-reviewed journal:

o   in-vivo experiments

o   in-vitro experiments

o   dosimetry experiments  

o   epidemiological studies

o   human provocation experiments  

  •      Non-English papers with a published abstract in English, in peer-reviewed national journals in the country of originL.

All review articles, government EMR summary reports, guideline material, measurement surveys, government-issued disease statistical reports and brochures which cited  summarise opinions  were classified as Non-Experimental Supporting Study (NESS).


Systematic search for papers using pre-selected search terms e.g. RF therapy, immune response, adaptive response, oxidative stress. These selected papers are usually recovered from references of published papers.



The Oceania Radiofrequency Science Advisory Association Inc. ORSAA was formed in 2015 by a group of academics and researchers throughout Australia. Their goal is to provide an independent perspective on the science relating to electromagnetic radiation and human exposure. ORSAA is an independent organisation, not linked to any industry or government organisation.