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Parents Petition To Remove School Cell Tower in Ripon School District After Two Students Develop Cancer

Jun 22, 2017


Families are calling for the removal of a cell phone tower at Weston Elementary School, where two students and two staff members were diagnosed with cancer. Parents started a Petition– which now has thousands of signatures- to remove this elementary school cell tower and to remove cell towers from all of Ripon School District grounds.

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“I want them to convince the district to take it down,” said Mason Ferrulli, a 6th grader who has attended Weston Elementary since kindergarten whose son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Mason underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove the tumor and has undergone six weeks of therapy to re-learn how to eat and walk.”Joe and Kelly Prime’s 10-year-old son Kyle also developed cancer. A tumor engulfed his left kidney and needed to be removed. He underwent months of chemotherapy and radiation, missing a year of school.

“It’s not proven either way, so we don’t understand why you would gamble with children’s health,” Joe Prime said. “We just want the school district to listen to us.”

Thousands of parents and community members signed a petition to remove the tower at Weston — and all cell phone towers near schools in the Ripon Unified School District.” – KCRA 3 News Report

From the parents petition: Remove Towers From Ripon Unified School District In 2009 a group of parents fought to stop the erection of the wireless tower at Weston Elementary School. Literature was presented that backed up the concern for health risks of our children attending Weston Elementary. Some points that were made included 3 out of every 100 people are electro sensitive, which means they suffer ill effects when exposed to electromagnetic radiation. The information suggested that once the tower was in place, at least fifteen students would be experiencing overt symptoms. Noting that these students may experience more serious diseases, like cancer, several years down the road. Eight years later we are now seeing the probable effects of the installation of this tower . Two 5th grade students were diagnosed with cancer during the 2016-2017 school year. They have both attended Weston Elementary since Kindergarten. We have also seen two staff members diagnosed with cancer, as well as many students who have had several types of health issues for no apparent reason including digestive issues, headaches, and tiredness to name a few. Click here to sign the petition.

Click here to sign the petition.

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