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Poland – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health

May 11, 2017


In April 2016, the Polish government announced they were preparing an Act on protection of the population from the radiation emitted by mobile base stations.

According to the Telecom News article:

“The Polish Ministry of Digitalisation has announced its preparation of an act on the control of the effects of electromagnetic radiation from radiocommunications devices on human life and health, reports The first consultations are planned for the beginning of May. Discussions on public concerns related to electromagnetic radiation are conducted under the patronage of the President’s Office.

After the first round of the discussions, the ministry decided to withdraw the controversial provision on facilitating the placement of radiocommunications devices from the draft amendment of the act to support telecommunications services and network development.

The task of the new consultation group will be discussing the assumptions of the draft act with experts and the public and subsequent preparation of the draft. The group will include representatives of the public sector, the public, telecommunications operators and experts in the field of radio-communications and medicine, namely the Institute of Communications and Collegium Medicum of the University Jagiellonski.

The new acts will enforce supervision of emissions standards, tightening sanctions and increase the influence of the local community on the process of placing new radio communications devices.”

Read the April 2016 Telecom Article on Poland’s Developing Action

On December 2016, a conference was organized by the National Institute of Telecommunications on “Medical, Biological, Technical and Legal Aspects of Electromagnetic Field Influence on Environment” (see warsaw-conference-on-emf) and speakers from Poland, Finland and Japan presented the latest research and opinions about EMF technology and health.

Video’s of the lectures are available at the Polish Government website here

Slides from Dariusz Leszczynski’s lecture “Cell Phone Radiation, Health Hazard and Precaution“ are available on his blog.

The first mayor of Kraków to be elected by popular ballot, law professor Jacek Majchrowski initiated  forums for citizens to discuss the growing ‘smog’ of electro-magnetic fields.

New Public Education Project of the City of Krakow Poland ”Let’s Be EcoDigital”

  • The 2017 events of the  “ Let’s Be EcoDigital” project included contests for Children and Youth: A Photography Contest “A Day Without My Smartphone” and Literary Contest “A Day Without My Smartphone.
  • An eminent Polish artist Paweł Kuczyński created a series of illustrations presenting satirical view of some difficult aspects of digital reality.
  • The “International Day of Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution” includes a “Family Picnic without Smartphone.” The City also organized an International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution.

Resources on Krakow’s EMF Policy and Educational Program

Protective Policy Webpage:This includes City Council issued resolutions and visual images of radiation from  cellular antennas

“Let’s be EcoDigital” – a new project of the City of Krakow News Update

Protection against electromagnetic fields webpage: Includes Recommendations and Leaflets.


ELF reference values lower than in EU Council Recommendation: