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Worldwide Policies on Cell Phones, Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless  

The US, Australia and Japan along with several other countries,  have limits that are high in comparison to Russia, China and several Eastern European countries. They allow the highest levels of ambient radiofrequency in the environment- their public exposure limits for networks and base station.

Over a Dozen Countries have Stricter Limits or Official Precautionary Recommendations by Government Agencies for Magnetic Fields ELF-EMF

Sensitive Areas and Minimizing Exposure to Residences: Croatia, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium (Wallonia, Flanders) Denmark, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Poland

People ask “Where can I find the wireless radiation limits for various countries to compare these limits?” In response Environmental Health Trust has compiled the following references that document these countries network base station exposure limits:

Below we have listed countries that have various regulations in place regarding cell phones, Wi-Fi in school, magnetic fields and more. It is not a complete  list but a sampling. If you see information that is inaccurate or information that needs to be added, please contact us with  information including all relevant sources and documentation at