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Published Articles: Government of France Releases Cell Phone Radiation Data

Jun 15, 2017


WorldWide Press Coverage on Cell Phone Radiation After France Data Release

PhoneGate is an International Scandal

The fact that cell phones violate safety limits when tested against the body applies to cell phones in use worldwide. On this page we are maintaining a running list of top news stories covering the issue. You can easily translate the text through your browser or translating application. 

To read the June 1, 2017 press release on this issue please click here. 


Click here to leave this webpage and go to Marc Arazi’s blog with a full list of articles and  videos on Phonegate

Actu-Environnement: “Emissions of mobile phones: the whistleblower Marc Arazi files a complaint against the ANFR” December 4, 2017

 Sud Radio “should we ban the mobile phone at school? ”  Program hosted by journalist Philippe David (Phonegate at end)  November 28, 2017 

#Phonegate “Waves: the usefulness of transparency” CPC Hardware, September 23, 2017

Marc Arazi interviewed by journalist Philippe Peyre, Radio Campus, Paris  ( between 32’34 and 36’29) October 20, 2017

“The unrealistic testing of mobile phones.” Pantheon-Assas University. No. 42-43 Spring-Summer, 2017.

“Waves: the utility of transparency. The little secrets (unwelcome) of the ANFR.” Canard PC Hardware, July-August, 2017.

“Mobile Phone Testing.” L’age de faire, August 31, 2017

Hello I Hear Nothing” (Phonegate).  Le Canard Enchaine August 2, 2017

“Forum Will Discuss Potential Dangers Of Cell Phone Radiation” Wyoming Public Radio, July 28, 2017

“Scientists discuss seminal research about cell phones and other health hazards.” Planet Jackson, July 25, 2017

“Mobile phones radiate far beyond the limit – Mobile industry has diminished.” NewsVoice, July 12, 2017.

“Mobile phones: disturbing wave measurements on some models.” La Nouvelle Republique, July 07, 2017.

“Le PhoneGate” Switzerland Newspaper, July 5, 2017

“Danger of laptop waves: en route to a “phonegate”?” Marianne, July 03, 2017.

“High-Risk Smartphones.” Magazine, June 21, 2017

Question of choice. Mobile phone: away from the brain is better, Radio France, June 18, 2017

Mobile phones: “There is deception on the information displayedLe Lancer, June 14, 2017

Cell Phones, The Scandal of Electromagnetics, l’Humanité Dimanche, June 10, 2017

Scandal about mobile radiation: Mobile Phones rays more than manufacturer’s claim,, June 7, 2017

Phones: Test limit or test touch ?  Journal of The Environment , June 7, 2017

Mobile phone: reassuring results that do not reassure everyone, Journal of Internal Medicine, Paris, June 7, 2017

Electromagnetic waves: Do mobile phones meet standards? Science Avenir, June 7, 2017

“ANFR: electromagnetic waves do not harm the head but the trunk deserves our attention” Six News France, June 4, 2017

France publishes the results of tests carried out on 379 GSM, Belgium News, June 3, 2017

Mobile phone: after the publication of ANFR data, Dr Marc Arazi points to irregularities, The Daily Health, June 2, 2017


Frenchman in court to award of mobile phone radiation’s, De Morgan, April 17, 2017

Two French citizens in court to know the measurements of our mobile phones April 17, 2017

Mobile phones and health: we hide the truth!, Bio Addict, April 7, 2017

Danger of mobile phones: French silence against American transparency, Le Lanceur, March 30, 2017

Health Scandal Announced, Magazine 01.Net, February 1, 2017

Radio Interview with Marc Arazi, France Iter (Go to minute 11) January 13th interview

Waves of smartphones: “Opacity is cultivated in France”, Le Parisien, January 11, 2017

Suspicions about Mobile Phones,  Le Monde , December 23, 2016

Mobile Phones : Towards a Health Scandal? by Emmanuel Lévy, Marianne, 23 December 2016

Mobile phones: ANFR will not release the list of dangerous models,  Le Lanceur, December 14, 2016