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PRESS RELEASE: Cell Phones Can Damage the Brain: Says Dr. Devra Devis from the Environmental Health Trust in The Huffington Post

Apr 18, 2012


EHT President Devra Davis, PhD Spotlights Urgent Need for Heightened Awareness in the US about Potential Dangers of Cell Phone Use

Devra Davis, PhD, President and Founder of Environmental Health Trust, published an article on June 15 in The Huffington Post urging heightened awareness in the US regarding the potential health hazards of cell phone use.  The importance of her message was underscored by the World Health Organization’s recent declaration that radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation constitute a “possible” cause of brain cancer.

In her article, titled “Beyond Brain Cancer: Other Possible Dangers of Cell Phones,” Dr. Davis acknowledges studies indicating that the potential ills of cell phone use extend to damage of sperm, brain, liver, eyes and skin of exposed rabbit and rat offspring, as well as reduced sperm count and DNA damage in humans.

“We need to take…steps to protect [children] and ourselves from the potential impact of microwave radiation from cell phones,” Dr. Davis writes.  “We need to protect…developing brains and bodies from exposure to a sea of radiofrequency radiation whose full impact cannot be gauged at this time.”

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