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The Environmental Health Trust has been at the forefront of the environmental health issue of cell phone radiation for years. We are proud of our accomplishments and are working everyday to ensure the public and decision makers have the latest science and information. 


It is our responsibility as a society to enable all children to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. We educate policymakers about children’s unique vulnerability to cell phone radiation and the impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on pregnancy, including recent research finding increases in asthma, obesity and miscarriage. We support parents with practical tools so they can set up safe technology in their homes and advocate for meaningful policy change in their communities. 



EHT scientists regularly publish research in peer review journals. We organize expert technical conferences and proceedings at top universities and institutions. EHT president Dr. Devra Davis has been invited to present to the American Academy of Pediatrics, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, George Washington University and Melbourne University



EHT co-founder Dr. Ronald B. Heberman, then Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, issued the first US recommendations by a medical institution for staff to reduce cell phone radiation. He sent a memo to about 3,000 faculty and staff saying there was sufficient data to warrant issuing an advisory about cell phone radiation. EHT has worked toward long-lasting meaningful policy changes for over a decade. We provided critical expertise that supported the Berkeley Cell Phone Ordinance, the Maryland State Advice, the San Francisco Recommendations, Massachusetts EMF Legislation and the California Department of Health Cell Phone Recommendations



EHT scientists are among the leading scientists in the world who work on cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields. We provided expert testimony at the US Congressional hearings on cell phone health effects. EHT submitted extensive scientific comments on the US National Toxicology Program study and presented oral comments in person. EHT regularly provides expert policy briefings to officials in the USA and internationally. Some examples include Massachusetts legislators, North Carolina Governor’s office and the Government of Mexico. We also write letters to legislators and submit comments for the record on the issue of electromagnetic radiation and health. 



EHT maintains the largest database of international local/state/federal policy on wireless and cell phone regulations. For example, France and Belgium have banned the sale of cell phones made for young children, and Cyprus and Croatia have public service videos about how to reduce cell phone radiation. We also have compiled a list of medical organization recommendations regarding cell phones and EMFs. These resources are critical in promoting protective public health policy.  



Our posters, infographics and materials are used worldwide to educate and inspire. We have created factsheets about 5G, cell phone radiation, wireless and how to use safer technology. EHT has developed colorful postcards for parents about the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, for young adults who sleep with their phones, for men regarding phones in pockets and for women to make the bra a no-phone zone


Our YouTube playlists feature 30-second public service announcements and a music video about cell phone radiation—all resources sponsored by EHT. We translate PSAs from other countries that are implementing awareness campaigns (such as Cyprus and French Polynesia). 



Dr. Devra Davis and EHT scientists regularly publish opinion pieces in newspapers in the USA and internationally. EHT provides background information for major news reporters, and EHT scientists are featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, NPR, CBC, Fox 5, San Francisco Chronicle, the Today Show and more.