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Recommendations of the Consumers Protection Association of Romania on Cell Phones and Wireless

Mar 13, 2017


The grave dangers of radiation of mobile phones, tablets and wireless technology. Protect your children! Journalists Online (Romania), Mar 10, 2017 Online Link to Article

(Google translation) The Association for Consumer Protection in Romania launches a national campaign of information and awareness of consumers entitled “SOS electromagnetic pollution”, while the international studies relate the use of mobile phones and wireless technology to cancer and infertility, among others. Children are most at risk. According to a US study that exact reference is made below the radiation emitted by mobile phones affects children’s brains in a double from that of adults. Learn the scientific material below how you can protect minimal.

This information campaign is addressed both to users of gadgets, how and Non because no one today can escape the omnipresence of artificial electromagnetic waves.

The Association for Consumer Protection Romania assumes the mission to inform consumers information needed to use knowingly technology that works with artificial electromagnetic waves. We will also answer questions from consumers,and we will present and means of protection available today.

“Do not expect those working with this technology to recognize the harmfulness of radio waves, They will always deny this and will use all possible means to hide the truth.”

-Dr. Costel Stanciu, President of the Association for Consumer Protection in Romania

Read the full article online. See below the recommendations made by the Association.

The Association for Consumer Protection in Romania Recommendations to the Public on Cell Phones and Wireless

In the following we present a series of recommendations proposed by numerous doctors, researchers, epidemiologists and other scientists [9] to minimize the effects of exposure to UV radiation:

  1. Do not allow children younger than 12 years how to use a cell phone, except for emergencies. Developing bodies are more susceptible to negative influences from exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  2. Limit cell phone use calls the most important and limit the length of calls. The biological effects are directly related to the duration of exposure; research results have shown that only a two-minute conversation modifies the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour after that call. Communicate via SMS rather than by telephone (it limits the duration of exposure and the proximity of the body).
  3. During the call, hold the phone a body as large . Regularly change the head of the supported phone or, better yet, switch to speakerphone that allows the user to hold the phone away from the head (amplitude field drops 4 times at a distance of 10 cm and 50 times a 1 m distance).
  4. Do not hold the phone in your pocket close to any vital organ (eg heart) or trouser belt. The bottom body tissues exhibits good conductivity and absorbs radiation more quickly than the brain absorbs. The results of some studies show that men who keep their phones close genitals are at risk of a decrease in sperm count by up to 30%.
  5. When you call, expect your listener to respond and then put the phone to your ear . Radiation intensity is highest when dialing, the phone trying to contact the base station. This is a very important tip and too often neglected and can keep us from a significant amount of radiation that would otherwise have entered the body. We usually when you dial the number to call we immediately phone to your ear, and so we get exactly the most intense radiation that the phone emits to call set – and often happens even as callee does not respond, and we taking unnecessary radiation for half a minute phone to your ear when we could hold the phone in hand, looking at his screen when the callee answers, and then put the phone to your ear and speak. How simple!
  6. Do not make a call when the signal is weak , for example when driving fast, such as those by car or train, as radiation exposure increases accordingly, the phone needing more power to connect. The same is true for areas with lower coverage (such as subway stations, some rural areas etc.).
  7. Avoid mobile phone in places where there are flammable products , such as gasoline, alcohol, ether, etc. (petrol stations, hospitals). In the presence of such substances, a cell phone can even cause a fire.
  8. Do not use mobile phones in enclosed walls of which contain metal, such as cars and elevators. They work like a Faraday cage that traps the radiation and reflects it back to their occupants.
  9. Stay away at a distance of more than 1 m from a person speaking on the mobile phone and avoid using your cell phone in places like subway, train or bus , where they subdue those around you from a passive exposure to radiation emitted by mobile phone.
  10. During the night, holding the cell phone closed (in which case no longer emits electromagnetic radiation), or even two meters away from the body.
  11. Although some researchers recommend the use of hands-free kit , others believe that hands-free site, on the contrary, amplifies the radiation emitted by mobile phone, directing electromagnetic radiation more directly in the ear and head towards (more than 300% over the If the phone is used without headphones).
  12. Use a protective device scientifically validated against electromagnetic radiation.
  13. Do not buy a mobile phone with a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) high. Many mobile phones contain their use manual indication SAR. This is a way to measure the amount of power RF (radio frequency) is absorbed into the body. Obviously, the SAR should be as small as possible. (Remember, however, that the studies were conducted using radiation located even hundreds of times below the current SAR proved that these biological effects, radiation present).

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but it has several levels of early intervention to protect yourself and your children.

Based on the frequency and duration of calls that produce these health problems, researchers recommended limiting the duration of each call 4 minutes, limiting the number of calls to 6 per day and breaching duration of 22 minutes of daily exposure to radiation from mobile phone [ 10].

Based technology generates radio waves and electromagnetic pollution is the most insidious form of pollution known so far. It can not be detected through the sense organs, but by special methods of determining the power density and other parameters of the electromagnetic field, while being costly.

It is true that all those who use such technologies are very attractive in terms of costs, but the savings today will be found a few years in disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous system, for which improvement will be spent very large sums .

So be careful to offers, evaluated only in terms of financial benefits, but try to see and disadvantages. Scientific inventions in this area can have adverse consequences for consumers.

2017 Recommendations of the Consumers Protection Association of Romania on Cell phones and Wireless: The grave dangers of radiation of mobile phones, tablets and wireless technology. Protect your children! Journalists Online (Romania), Mar 10, 2017 Online Link to Article

APC Romania 2015 Article: Electromagnetic pollution seriously damages health The Association for Consumer Protection in Romania is a nongovernmental, nonpolitical and nonprofit, established since 1990, which has as main objective the defense, promotion and representation by all legal means of consumer rights and interests in relations with businesses and institutions.