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Italian Resources On Wireless Health Risks

Resources on Wireless and Health in Italian

The Australian Documentary Wi-Fried on Children, Wireless and Health has been translated into Italian.

Additional Resources in Italian

The BioInitiative Working Group’s letter to FCC regarding ‘small cells’ translated into Italian.

Translated materials can be found at and

Click here for Italian copy of Cell Phone Doctors Advice Brochure

New Italian Summary of Disconnect, prepared by an expert team of Italian physicians, oncologists, engineers and scientists with the Italian Association of Physicians for the Environment. Click to download new Italian summary.


Italian Pediatric Society Article: Electromagnetic waves and children: Mobile phones should be banned before 10 years

1/29/2017  The anger of the Italian Paediatricians “Enough phones to children

La rabbia dei Pediatri Italiani: “Basta cellulari ai bambini, i danni sono nefasti”

“Loss of concentration, learning difficulties, aggressiveness. According to pediatricians mobile phones should be banned under 10 years, because the use “is more and more turning into abuse” and the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on health “are increasingly apparent.”

4/2016 Pediatricians: Stop phones for children under 10 years: Less concentration and memory, more aggressiveness and sleep disturbances

Dai pediatri lo stop a telefonini per bimbi sotto i 10 anni: Meno concentrazione e memoria, più aggressività e disturbi sonno