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Social Media Graphics

Share Environmental Health Trust materials.

We’ve created several fun and informative pieces for you to distribute to your friends and families!

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Recommends…
The AAP issued the following cell phone safety tips on their webpage Healthy Children Webpage on Cell Phones. They  specifically recommend to reduce exposure to wireless radiation.
We’ve created a series of graphics for you to share on social media. Post on all your accounts and help spread awareness on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations that children and families reduce radio frequency cell phone and wireless radiation exposure.
A few suggested hashtags include:
#PracticeSafeTech #EMFsafety #screentime #kidsandtechnology

Did You Know…
We’ve created a series of informative technology graphics for you to share on all your social media accounts. Get the conversation going about safer tech practices with cell phones, wireless, and radiofrequency radiation.

A few suggested hashtags include:
#PracticeSafeTech #EMFsafety #screentime #cellphoneradiation #cellphonesafety

Protect the Ones You Love - Cell Phones and Wireless Health Risk


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Protect The Ones You Love.