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Electromagnetic Sensitivity

also known as “microwave sickness”

We are all electrical.


The human body normally functions by using natural electromagnetic energy.  Humans are electromagnetic beings. Thus, we are all affected by electromagnetic fields in our environment. People worldwide are reporting health issues and symptoms after exposures to electromagnetic fields.  

“Symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, a lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms…The primary method of treatment should mainly focus on the prevention or reduction of EMF exposure, that is, reducing or eliminating all sources of high EMF exposure at home and at the workplace. The reduction of EMF exposure should also be extended to public spaces such as schools, hospitals, public transport, and libraries to enable persons with EHS an unhindered use (accessibility measure).”

 EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses (Belyaev 2016)



Headaches, Sleeping Problems, Concentration and Memory problems, Nosebleeds, Extreme thirst, Bad allergies, Unexplained Skin rashes, Digestive Problems, Neurological problems Heart Palpitations, Strong Fatigue, Appetite Loss



Clinicians have developed assessment tools and clinical protocols to assess and treat patients.

Austrian Medical Association

The Austrian Medical Association has developed a guideline for differential diagnosis and treatment of health problems associated with outdoor and indoor electrosmog.

Medical Billable Codes

Exposure to Nonionizing Radiation ICD 10 Medical Codes for Exposure to nonionizing radiation – ICD-10-CM W90

“The ICD-10 code is the standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology, health management & clinical purposes. It is used for medical code lookups by physicians, nurses, researchers, health information managers, medical billing coders, health information technology workers, insurers & patient organizations to classify diseases and other health problems recorded on many types of health records, including death certificates. ICD 10 codes are also used by medical billers & payers for reimbursement purposes.”

Medicare Accepted ICD-10 codes under W90 for Exposure to other nonionizing radiation. These codes can be used for all HIPAA-covered transactions. 

Accomodations and Legal Issues

This issue has become political, due to the billions and trillions of dollars at stake.   People are unable to live and work due to their symptoms. Some people are able to receive accommodations at work but many people are being denied. Legal action has been an important way to move forward.

Peterborough, Canada

The City has an information sheet to help organizations accommodate individuals who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity. They recommend – among other things:

  • Temporarily disable City owned WAP devices.
  • Turn off or minimize fluorescent and LED.
  • Notify attendees to set mobile phones to airplane mode.


2013, Court Case Won McDonald and Comcare 

  • The AAT ruling means McDonald will continue to be paid 75% of his salary, as compensation for his illness. Read news coverage here

Montreal, Canada

A mother takes it to court: A Montreal lawyer has filed a discrimination complaint against the Public Health Department (PHD) of Montreal and the Quebec government who refuse to give him and his three children reasonable accommodations due to EHS. Read it here.


France: 13 Plaintiffs Win: The Tribunal de Grand Instance of Bordeaux ordered in favor of 13 of the 206 plaintiffs who had initiated a lawsuit against the installation of the electric meter created by Enedis.

France: BBC News- French court recognizes EHS as a handicap: BBC NEWS

France: 12/2016: France orders removal of Smartmeter because of electromagnetic radiation

Spain: High Court of Madrid Ruling Recognizes “Electrosensitivity” as Grounds for Total Permanent Disability – Towards Better Health, 4th August 2016 Legal Ruling (in Spanish)


Scientific Declarations

“We, physicians, acting in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, we, scientists, acting in the name of scientific truth, we all, medical doctors and researchers working in different countries worldwide, hereby state in full independence of judgment,  

that a high and growing number of persons are suffering from EHS and MCS worldwide;  that EHS and MCS affect women, men and children; 

that on the basis of the presently available peer-reviewed scientific evidence of adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and various chemicals, and on the basis of clinical and biological investigations of patients, EHS is associated with exposure to EMFs and MCS with chemical exposure…” 

  • Excerpt from the 2015 Brussels International Scientific Declaration on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Download 

Magda Havas PhD at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

“Electrosmog, the missing link as it relates to cancer, reproductive problems and electrohypersensitivity.”

USA: How to File an ADA Accommodations  

By the Center for Electrosmog Prevention, 2019 

Expert Reports

Erica Mallery-Blythe MD Working Draft: A Summary of EHS detailing science and legal issues related to electrical sensitivity.  

Andrew A Marino PhD The peer reviewed research of electromagnetic sensitivity 8/8/2016 

Scientific Presentations

5th Paris Appeal Congress, 18th of May, 2015, Royal Academy of Medicine, Belgium, Abstracts WHAT ROLE FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND CHEMICALS?  

Electro Hypersensitive individuals (EHS) in the digital world

Dr. Yael Stein MD, at UNESCO Chair in Bioethics 10th World Conference Slideshare 


Dr. Olle Johansson and Dr. Isaac Jamieson 2014 EESC, Brussels Presentation 

Selection of Published Research 


Electrohypersensitivity as a Newly Identified and Characterized Neurologic Pathological Disorder: How to Diagnose, Treat, and Prevent It. (2020) Belpomme D and Irgaray P. Int J Mol Sci.  2020 Mar 11;21(6).


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Heuser, G. and S.A. Heuser. “Functional brain MRI in patients complaining of electrohypersensitivity after long term exposure to electromagnetic fields.” Rev Environ Health (2017). doi: 10.1515/reveh-2017-0014.

  • Ten adult patients with electromagnetic hypersensitivity underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans.
  • All ten patients had abnormal functional MRI brain scans. 

Marino AA, Kim PY, Frilot Ii C. Trigeminal neurons detect cellphone radiation: Thermal or nonthermal is not the question. Electromagn Biol Med. 2016 Jul 15:1-9.

  • Results: Trigeminal neurons were capable of detecting temperature changes far below skin temperature increases caused by cellphone radiation. Simulated cellphone radiation affected brain electrical activity associated with nonlinear cognitive processing of radiation-induced thermal afferent signals. Radiation standards for cellphones based on a thermal/nonthermal binary distinction do not prevent neurophysiological consequences of cellphone radiation.


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Igor Belyaev, Amy Dean, Horst Eger, Gerhard Hubmann, Reinhold Jandrisovits, Markus Kern, Michael Kundi, Hanns Moshammer, Piero Lercher, Kurt Müller, Gerd Oberfeld*, Peter Ohnsorge, Peter Pelzmann, Claus Scheingraber and Roby Thill, EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses, Rev Environ Health 2016. Read the full PDF 

  • “We recommend treating EHS clinically as part of the group of chronic multisystem illnesses (CMI), but still recognizing that the underlying cause remains the environment. In the beginning, EHS symptoms occur only occasionally, but over time they may increase in frequency and severity. Common EHS symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, a lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms. A comprehensive medical history, which should include all symptoms and their occurrences in spatial and temporal terms and in the context of EMF exposures, is the key to making the diagnosis.” 


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – an increasing challenge to the medical profession. Reviews on Environ Health. 2015 Sep 15.

  • CONCLUSION: It seems necessary to give an International Classification of Diseases to EHS to get it accepted as EMF-related health problems. The increasing exposure to RF-EMF in schools is of great concern and needs better attention. Longer-term health effects are unknown. Parents, teachers, and school boards have the responsibility to protect children from unnecessary exposure.


Sage C. The implications of non-linear biological oscillations on human electrophysiology for electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Rev Environ Health. 2015 Sep 12.

  • Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) can be a precursor to, or linked with, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) .  Similarity of chemical biomarkers is seen in both conditions [histamines, markers of oxidative stress, auto-antibodies, heat shock protein (HSP), melatonin markers and leakage of the blood-brain barrier]. Low intensity pulsed microwave activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) is postulated as a mechanism of action for non-thermal health effects.


Mortazavi G, Mortazavi SM. Increased mercury release from dental amalgam restorations after exposure to electromagnetic fields as a potential hazard for hypersensitive people and pregnant women. Rev Environ Health. 2015 Dec 1;30(4):287-92. doi: 10.1515/reveh-2015-0017.

  •  Based on these findings, as infants and children are more vulnerable to mercury exposures, and as some individuals are routinely exposed to different sources of electromagnetic fields, we possibly need a paradigm shift in evaluating the health effects of amalgam fillings.


De Luca et al., Metabolic and Genetic Screening of Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Subjects as a Feasible Tool for Diagnostics and Intervention, Mediators of Inflammation, vol. 2014, no. 924184, 2014.

  • Growing numbers of “electromagnetic hypersensitive” (EHS) people worldwide self-report severely disabling, multiorgan, non-specific symptoms when exposed to low-dose electromagnetic radiations, often associated with symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and/or other environmental “sensitivity-related illnesses” (SRI). 


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Rea, William J., et al. “Electromagnetic field sensitivity.” Journal of Bioelectricity 10.1-2 (1991): 241-256.

Dr. Marino’s Research summaries that looks at the changes in brain electrical activity that were caused by EMF transduction. The mathematical method developed is called Analysis of Brain Recurrence (ABR), is an algorithm that runs on a computer and extracts physiological information from the EEG.