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Singapore – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health

May 11, 2017


2018: The National Environment Agency (NEA) has commissioned a radiofrequency (RF) radiation baseline study to measure the background RF levels in Singapore. 2018 Singapore WHO Report

Singapore’s National Environmental Agency Advises Specific Precautions.

  • Frequently asked Questions About Radiation Protection
  • NEA’s advice to the public on cell phone use on their webpage on radiation protection: “While further research is being carried out to study the long-term health effects of RF field, individuals could take precautionary measures to reduce RF exposure to themselves or their children by limiting the length of calls, or using ‘hands-free’ devices to keep the mobile phones away from the head and body.”

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University Advice to Limit Cell Phone radiation

The University website page called “Mobile Phone and Health” which states:

Cell phones do have effects on people. Some people feel headache after talking too long and some hypersensitive people fell sick when the cellphone is turned on. These effects are mainly non-thermal effects and we do have a new explanation. We believe that non-thermal effects are due to the waveforms (causing mechanical vibration) that are determined by the frequency of carrier wave and the modulation that is way to put the information riding on the carrier wave. The principle and effect of modulation may be explained using a very close example, music or sound. Different music and sound have different waveforms, assuming the same small volume one may feel comfortable when listening some music or sound but felt uncomfortable or even sick when listening to some other music or (noise) sound (like scratching glass using something). It has been reported that certain waveforms can be used to cure some mental illnesses such as depression, sleepless, etc. This shows that the nerve system of people could be affected by the waveforms.

“Suggestions” include:

  • Shorter conversations.
  • Avoid speaking for long periods on the cell phone. Try to plan your calls in such a way that you use ordinary phones for long conversations.
  • Speak as little as possible inside the car:
  • because the reflection from the car cavity may amplifies the radiation. If you have to speak a lot from the car – get a roof antenna.
  • To use plug-in earpiece:
  • Plug-in earpiece will separate the antenna further away from your head/body.
  • Try a CDMA phone if you are hypersensitive to a GSM one:
  • If you fell headache or uncomfortable when using a GSM phone, you may be hypersensitive to the modulation of electromagnetic waves. People are less sensitive to CDMA phones.
  • Newer CDMA system works differently than GSM system and doesn’t emit the sharp-edged lower frequency pulses. The digital RF signal more resembles a noisy analogue signal and is also likely to be less bio-active. This may also be one reason to push industry to replace GSM systems with CDMA systems.
  • Read Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University Webpage on Cell Phones here