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Slovenia – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health

Feb 16, 2018


Slovenia has public exposure limits much stricter than ICNIRP.

The Government RF Measurement Campaign informs Public on Radiation Levels:

In response to health concerns, Slovenia created an advisory group with representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, NGOs in the Republic of Slovenia and local communities in the Republic of Slovenia to inform the public about this issue.

Slovenia Institute for Non-ionizing Radiation webpage

Electromagnetic radiation, MOBILE PHONES, AND HEALTH Brochure: Although this brochure states that evidence does not conclude a proven health risk, it does recommend the prudent use of cell phones and provides a long list of measures to reduce radiation exposure including:

  • Limit the number and duration of calls.
  • Choose a low-SAR mobile phone. Recommendation is that SAR
    Less than 0,6 W / kg. Data on SAR values of mobile phones are collected At
  • If possible, use a handsfree kit
  • Avoid conversation when the signal is weak (in basements, garages, elevators …). Move to a place where the signal is strong.

Webpage with Government Brochures on various issues related to EMFs such as Metal Implants, Base Stations and more

ELF Limits: New and modified installations in the vicinity of flats, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, sanatoriums, playgrounds, parks, areas for recreation, public buildings and places of excursions: