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Take Action on 5G


Time to spark positive change. 


Yes. 5G can be halted.  We recommend raising awareness at every level of government. However starting in your community, at the local level, will make the biggest impact. You may be looking at a variety of steps such as an ordinance for small cells, legal action, or more. 

Either way, you need to build a community of well- informed people. Here a few suggestions on how to get started in your town/city/village:

Ways to raise awareness in your community. 

  • Get a booth and share information at your local community fair, farmers market or PTA event. Print a poster on 5G, climate change and 5G and safety resources here. 
  • Organize a local meeting at your library or reach out to local clubs to speak about 5G (Rotary, Lions…) 
  • Write letters to the editor or short posts for your community organization newsletter.  
  • Post events and information on local community listserves. 

Host a film Screening of Generation Zapped or the PBS Series on 5G/cell phones at your library or town hall.

  • Burt Wolf’s Travels and Traditions, which is broadcasted on PBS, aired two episodes on cell phones and wireless radiation. They are an excellent way to start a conversation in your community. Watch the episodes here. 
  • Request that the library purchase a copy of Generation Zapped and other EMF films. 
  • Be sure to pass around e-mail sign-up sheets. Gather information (e-mails and phone numbers) from other interested residents to form a group. 
  • Generation Zapped

Start an environmental health film series and include films on EMF. 

Call your town/village hall to ask about their position on 5G and small cells antennas.

  • Does your city/village have a telecom ordinance?
  • Work with them to support an ordinance that is protective to residents. 
  • If they are not sharing this information then do a public information request to get locations of all antennas. Get the permit applications. Post this information for your community.
  • See examples of Cities that enacted protective ordinances in the USA 
  • Resources to take action on 5G here

Speak out at your town council meetings, PTA meetings and school board meetings.

  • Get the dates for upcoming council, PTA, school board meetings and find out how you can sign up to speak. 
  • Generally, members of the public can comment for 3-5 minutes at these meetings and this is an important opportunity to both inform policymakers and also to educate local residents who will be listening to you. 
  • Many people have never spoken publicly on anything before this issue came to their doorstep. Watch examples of citizens speaking at public meetings here. 
  • We recommend you quote the statements of scientists in your presentations. Click here to see letters from scientists on 5G. 

Contact all of your elected officials and set up meetings to discuss this issue with them. Ask them to protect your community. 

If they say, “this is an FCC issue we can’t get involved”, we respectfully disagree. There is a lot elected officials can do at every level of government. 

What do we ask our elected officials to do ?

  • Ask representatives to request the FDA, FCC and EPA present the studies showing that 5G  is safe for humans, bees and trees after long term exposure. Ask your representatives to write a letter to the FCC. See examples of letters here
  • Ask representatives to support legislation that maintains local authority. Revise local telecom ordinances to be more protective of the people.  Examples are here. 
  • Ask federal representatives to demand that the antiquated FCC guidelines for RF microwave radiation emissions be revised to include non-thermal biological effects.
  • Ask state representatives to pass a bill like New Hampshire and Oregon have to investigate and report on the (not industry funded) science and policy. 
  • Ask local officials to host a panel discussion or work session on the issue to inform them so they can develop protective policy. 
  • Ask local officials to pass a cell phone/wireless proclamation. Toolkit here
  • Ask schools to install safe wired technology in the school. Examples of schools that are reducing wireless here. Toolkit here. 
  • Other ideas include holding a public forum on 5G with experts from all sides, full transparency in the process, allowing residents to ask questions to decision makers regularly, putting maps online of all cell antennas and proposed cell antennas.


Start a local group to take action. Talk to your neighbors. 

  • Give yourself a name. We recommend a name that is short, local and clear. (Popular names include Stop5G + Your city …. or (Your City) or Safe Technology or 5G Awareness + your city). Make a simple flyer to pass out in your neighborhood with a contact email for your group. 
  • A simple website or blog (super easy to maintain) is a great way to update interested residents. Several groups have Facebook groups and Instagram pages as well. Post events and news to your community along with action alerts. You also can start a petition. Use a variety of platforms to share information. 
  • Consider joining the coalition of Americans for Responsible Technology
  • 5G Crisis  has a 5G toolkit and great resources to raise awareness in your community. 
  • Join a local group. See a listing at the 5G Crisis Group page. Here are some examples of local groups in the US. 
  • Start a Facebook group. Here is an example of a group 5G Colorado Action Facebook 
  • Start a local listserve, to get the word out on local news and action alerts, educating people how to talk to local elected officials.

There are two goals that can frame the groups actions: 

  1. Raising awareness in your community on the issue and the solutions that exist both in terms of reducing exposure at home and wired internet infrastructure. 
  2. Supporting protective policy at the local, state and national level by collaborating with elected officials. 

Note: An effective strategy is to have a local city/town/county group with a local name, then work in coalition with other groups in your state for state wide initiatives. 

Please join our collaborators Americans for Responsible Technology and 5G Crisis by getting on their mailing list to connect with a national coalition working on 5G. Another group working on supporting protective efforts is called United States Issues Reform.

People are full of ideas, you will get others involved and meet like-minded people.