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Take Action!

Our Campaign for Safer Cell Phones and SAFE TECH  needs YOUR help!

Join our online community to Practice Safe Tech!

Raise awareness in your community!

  • Spread the words to your family and friends.  Get a gathering of friends together and share this information with them, show them a  video and have a discussion.
  • Set up a booth at your local Community Fair, Farmers Market or  Festival and share materials on SAFE TECH and wireless safety. Contact us for materials.
  • Speak to your PTA or community organization about having SAFE TECH as a topic of  discussion for the next meeting.

We’re looking for creative content!

  • Whether it’s a video of you singing, talking, acting; a photograph or drawing; or even a school project you’re proud of, if it has to do with cell phones and safety, we want it! Email us or leave us a note. See an example of a video here.

Got skills?

  • Environmental Health Trusts needs volunteers in graphic design, fundraising, video editing, search engine optimization, and scientific blog writing. Leave us a note at with your skills and how you can help.

Want to be on the listserv?

  • Email us at with your information and we’ll be in touch!

Join a group of volunteers working with local schools, parents, health professionals to learn more about this issue and carry out events in their areas. Email us at to help out.
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Sign up for the Business Campaign for Safer Cell Phones Join with several dozen businesses around the country committing to practice safe phone.

Please Donate

  • Just $100 allows us to distribute 1,000 safety cards to students in our schools
  • $250 supports banners and other public awareness efforts as part of our October Cell Phone Safety Awareness month campaign with Mayor Mark Barron, Town Council and local health clinics
  • $500 buys microwave testing equipment that can be used to expand ourresearch and hands on science program demonstrations with the middle school
  • $1000 funds a loaner program for devices to test microwave radiation in your home
  • $2000 brings in a world class scientist to visit classrooms and work with high school students
  • $5000 helps to fund a public forum in our community–that will be shared in video with other local and international communities that have requested this including Toronto, Helsinki and Rome– featuring world class scientists explaining the risks to children from unprotected long term use of cellphones