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Social Media Toolkit Cell Phone Wi-Fi Radiation


Social Media Toolkit – Spread the Word!

Here are a few simple ways you can help the Environmental Health Trust spread the word about environmental health and how and why to #PracticeSaferTech

Share, Share, Share

Link to on your personal website or social media platforms.

Each article on includes buttons that allow you to e-mail, print, or share content with others on social media. Check out the resources below for tips on posting to specific social media platforms.


With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a key place to share information.

Please go to the EHT Facebook page and share our posts.

Repost EHT’s timeline photos! Feel free to download them and share in your community.

Repost EHT’s videos! We have uploaded several short video clips and expert talks that you can share on your timeline.



EHT’s Twitter handle is @saferphones

Retweet EHT’s Posts! — Including any Posted Media using a few of these suggested hashtags:

#PracticeSafeTech  #Screentime  #LapsNotApps  #EMFsafety


EHT’s Instagram handle: Environmental_Health_Trust

Share EHT’s photo-oriented posts! Try using a few of these hashtags:

#cellphoneradiation  #cellphonesafety   #kidsandtechnology  #screentime


EHT’s YouTube Channel:
Environmental Health Trust

Please like and share EHT’s Videos!



Thank you for linking to Environmental Health Trust!

Whether you link to specific pages or simply provide the URL for our homepage, you will make a huge difference.

Here are some links to help you get started:

Environmental Health Trust Homepage:

10 Tips to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation:

American Academy Of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations:
Cell Phone/WiFi Safety for Young Adults:
Medical Recommendations on Cell Phones and Wireless:
Share Environmental Health Trust materials.
American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends…
We’ve created a series of graphics for you to share on social media. Post on all your accounts and help spread awareness on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations that children and families reduce radio frequency cell phone and wireless radiation exposure.

A few suggested hashtags include:
#PracticeSafeTech #EMFsafety #screentime #kidsandtechnology

Did You Know…
We’ve created a series of informative technology graphics for you to share on all your social media accounts. Get the conversation going about safer tech practices with cell phones, wireless, and radiofrequency radiation.

A few suggested hashtags include:
#PracticeSafeTech #EMFsafety #screentime #cellphoneradiation #cellphonesafety

See more EHT’s Printable Safety Postcards & Posters at this link

Note: If you want to print them, please look at the options and choose the downloads for printing.