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Dec 30, 2012


Best Cell Phone News Yet!

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What a year! 2012 is the year the world changed in ways we never imagined when we started our efforts five years ago. Cell phone safety is improving because professional medical experts around the world are issuing Environmental Health Trust safety advice. Schools and doctors’ offices from Jackson, Wyoming, to Ostia, Italy, and Tampere, Finland, are promoting cellphone safety with EHT materials. Read on for EHT’s highlights from 2012.


EHT Gains Recognition at Home and Abroad

Photo: Ilkka Laitinen

Finland: EHT was featured in the Finnish Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s (FIOH) Research Day. As Kone Foundation Scholar, Dr. Davis detailed health concerns to sperm and pregnancy in an address to the FIOH. The FIOH also handed out the Finnish translation of EHT’s Doctors’ Advice pamphlet about cell phone safety (read the English version and Finnish version).

Austria: The Vienna Medical Association has issued awarning endorsing EHT’s advice and acknowledging the “potential negative effects of cell phone radiation” and the need to Practice Safe Phone. They listed medical rules such as, “Never place your cell phone next to your head while establishing a connection.”

USA: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supported the need for precautions and legislative changes and for cellphone warning labels–EHT has been calling for these for 5 years. Read the AAP’s support letter.

In September, Jackson, WY Mayor Mark Barron issued a proclamation declaring October to be Cell Phone Awareness month.


2012 Headlines

EHT hosted an expert forum on cell phone radiation at the National Press Club in Washington DC

Dr. Davis makes 2012 list of 25 Most Interesting People

Finnish newspaper Aamulethi covers Dr. Davis’ cell phone safety lecture at the University of Tampere

Apple and Samsung listen to EHT and WARN USERS

SF Medical Society publishes Dr. Davis’ Analysis of Fine Print Warnings

Op Ed News: The Right to Know about Gray Matters

CHE EMF Webinar



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EHT’s star intern Marena Salerno Collins and friends mount our
Save the Males monkey bars at Jackson’s Tough Towner event,
telling people to stop monkeying around with their health

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