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Science for Skeptics


Myth: Cellphones do not cause brain tumors.

Fact:  The industry and government-funded) Interphone studies and the independently-funded Swedish studies have consistently shown that use of cellphones and cordless phones (Swedish studies) for 10 or more years more than doubles the risk of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma (a tumor on the acoustic nerve) on the side of the had where the phone is held.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified microwave radiation produced by mobiles phones as a possible human carcinogen, based on the aforementioned studies and experimental research.

Myth:  Cell phones do not cause infertility.

Fact:  Cell phones negatively affect the development of sperm and embryo.

Myth:  Animal Studies are not relevant to humans.

Fact:  Humans and most mammals have roughly the same number of nucleotides in their genomes — about 3 billion base pairs. This comparable DNA content implies that all mammals (especially rats and mice) are genetically similar to humans.U.S. Department of Energy Genome Program


Scientists are more concerned with signal characteristics than amount of exposure.

Cell phone radiation does have a biological impact.